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  1. Rule change though its now BO3 for some reason All matches that is.
  2. Well my comeback has started. I am officially back with DEFY. Cant wait to see all of you guys on the servers. Love yall seeya soon.
  3. SIR


    I want to comeback but i want to know if you guys want me back in the community. This poll plus other factors will decide whether or not i comeback to DEFY.
  4. This upcoming Friday I will be out of retirement and back on the main staff team. Can't wait to help and cooperate with the other staff members and members in general. Can't wait to be back see you guys soon
  5. SIR

    Ranked before 10 WINS???

    You only need 10 games
  6. SIR

    This is pretty lit

    7/11 were staffthough lol
  7. SIR

    My name is mrbam

    Ya I agree did you?
  8. SIR


    I will be retired in 2 weeks time guys
  9. SIR


    I hope i can because i love the server and still want to moderate it but im going to be pretty busy here soon so wont be able to get on much. If im able to this is my notice of retirement.
  10. SIR

    What age people play on DEFY?

    17 scrubs lol
  11. SIR

    Broken every thing

    Wtf lol
  12. Im done with minecraft so its ok lol
  13. SIR

    so i've been doing something

    Nice when will the game be available

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