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  1. Chub

    Stock Photos of DEFY Members

    i Dont Forget Yer Boi Chubster.
  2. Chub

    Chub's fun idea

  3. Chub

    Chub's fun idea

    Almost all of the time i find myself playing on defy jb for hours (usually at least 5 hours a day) And don't get me wrong, i enjoy playing on defy, although i wish i had something to grind for in the credit store, besides one time use powerups. Maybe some player models? Tracers? I'm not sure... comment your ideas . I know it sounds "unoriginal" but i really would enjoy it if i had something awesome to grind for. - Chub
  4. Chub

    Name change?

    Dreams sounds lit, dreamer sounds gay, and dream sounds unoriginol go wih dreams
  5. Chub

    Name change?

    Chub thinks you should get a new name Lyricz is lame though.. why not something like idk Dark Flame master of death and destruction thats a good name chub is done here.
  6. Chub

    Would you rather?

    Im asian, i already have a nipple dick
  7. Chub

    need opinions

    Personally, i don't like you, the only time i've met you in the month i've been playing, you were a huge dick. i don't really know you, so i can't understand why people want you to stay so much. Honestly it should be up to you. not a poll.

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