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  1. Prop surfing

    That is true in that case, but most people just go up.
  2. Prop surfing

    I know who your friend it It kind of can, because when you're killing people who looks to the sky for harry potter on a box
  3. Attracting more players.

    I think if we do get player models it should be specifically for attraction and we would need to add more the /shop in TTT
  4. Hi, I didn't see you there.

    Am i really though?
  5. Ghetto Desk

    I have the same mouse...
  6. Ghetto Desk

    My desk is on top of two wood bricks so it is at the right height...
  7. Resigned

    Nah, now Im going to have to be on the server more too. One less admin, rip
  8. Resigned

  9. [Closed]Dobby's Player Complaint

    Department of Bans & Complaints @Dobby Admin Resolution Not enough evidence Misc Information Stop making troll player complaints
  10. Idea For TTT

    This is already a thing... Try using an awp on low karma...
  11. what cars do you like? xd

    Tesla model x, Mclaren P1
  12. [Closed]Dobby's Player Complaint

    Department of Bans & Complaints @Dobby Admin Resolution No? Invalid format Misc Information
  13. Tribute to Some_Person

    This is what I come back too...
  14. RIP Duke

    Sens lives in Georgia