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  1. Never Done

    Aye ya'll lemme get an opinion

    For anyone wondering @DaddyDankeMemes , @daddynoscope ,and myself have gone for hours just looking at designer stuff and guessing the prices.
  2. Never Done

    Father Figure

    Why is @daddynoscope still allowed to be on the forums. He has probably a total of 5 hours on the server
  3. Never Done

    The final moments of the DEFY teamspeak.

  4. Never Done

    One year on DEFY

  5. Never Done

    RNG HungerGames

    really... Day 1. Night time. You can live without water for a day if you didnt know
  6. Never Done

    Should I Come Back?

    2 things. Why is this in suggestions. Don't you have a horse to care for, you show it a lot on your snapchat.
  7. Never Done

    Comment for TBH

    Sorry, I forgot to wipe
  8. Never Done

    Hello Everyone!

    Youre a weeb
  9. Never Done

    16th Birthday

    wtf. youre a day after me. weird
  10. Never Done

    DEFY DarkRP Beta

    Dark Role Play
  11. Never Done

    Where the time go

    As of July 26th 2017 marks the one year mark for me being the Head of Bans & Complaints. As of June 27th 2018 I have been the leader of TTT. Here is to more time in the community and watching it grow.
  12. Never Done

    Uhh ye

    Im still a minor as of me writing this so...
  13. Never Done

    Uhh ye

    One more year then youre legal. ☺
  14. Never Done

    1 Year in DEFY

    Youre banned. You dont count
  15. Never Done

    I made it

    After all this time of being trash at the game i have finally made it. Gold nova boys https://gyazo.com/e2c0f1268f5734b75977d52279632300 https://gyazo.com/ecb01526f2ca571b2b913cdfba8e2897
  16. Never Done

    Server Stats

    Dont compare my raw talent to making burgers
  17. Never Done

    Did you know this?

    Show off
  18. Never Done


    Who are you?
  19. Never Done

    I made it

    7. Overwatch priviledges are being offered to active low-reported players; rumor has it you need to have >150 competitive wins and a Gold Nova+ rank in order to get it.
  20. Never Done

    I made it

    You get that at 100 comp wins lol
  21. Never Done

    I made it

    I opened it too and got a xm skin
  22. Never Done

    When do your Finals end?

    I graduated oof. And i didnt have to take any finals cuz yeah
  23. Never Done

    Back when i played COD a little

    https://account.xbox.com/en-US/gameclip/2e9793f5-f535-474d-a1be-1f78cec023e9?gamertag=Im Never Done&scid=f4ad0100-febf-441e-9f12-5f1204cd8cf1
  24. Never Done


    Topic Bumping. O O F
  25. Never Done

    Which Company?

    Ok. IOS people like because it is UI friendly. Android is liked because it has a lot less limits placed onto it.

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