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  1. The Positive Effects of Metal Music

    Because other music genres (not all) have made movements for society. Metal has only hurt peoples ears and left them confused as to how that can be a "Job" to scream "Professionally" into a microphone and put behind a beat and called music.
  2. This needs to happen.

    I mean i have over half the staff saying daddy so. if anything that should be the word. Not cucumber
  3. Oh boy.

    It will be a year of me being bans and complaints at the end of June.
  4. Can’t wait for this movie.

    I really like that art style
  5. Favorite Song / Musician

    I hate new logic. Old logic was way better (Ballin, Flexecution, Under Pressure). Now he is all about race and i hate it. I listen to rap for music, not to be told spider man should be black.
  6. Favorite Song / Musician

    Trying to listen to listen to more lyrical people (G-Eazy, Kendrick, and Rich Brian), but I always come back to mumble just because i can still understand it so...
  7. Sada Baby

    /gag Maine 15 Bad word
  8. AMA

    @Nightwing1 @Nightwingt1 Whos who
  9. Sick Desktop Visualizer

    I know you can make your wallpaper animated with wallpaper engine on steam. I dont know what uncle is using though. Something similar i guess
  10. Being Gone

    Because my mic does that thing with the program and im too lazy to fix it most of the time
  11. Being Gone

    11/10 grammar
  12. Being Gone

    I mean ive been gone and no one really noticed
  13. RDMing

    yes lol
  14. Prop Surfing on ttt_minecraft_b5_csgo_v1_defy

    Boi. You take away the trash cans. But allow the minecarts...
  15. More Maps in the Map Pool

    It isnt a priority? Because the people who are in charge of it dont play... You dont know what it's like to play the same maps for like a month straight.
  16. Happy Birthday Emo

    At least i dont need sweat bands to play...
  17. Happy Birthday Emo

    Happy birthday. Get a good mic for your birthday
  18. VAC'd

    Incorrect. I asked mark about and it doesnt matter apparently so... Yeah thats a thing
  19. When your team sucks

    It's because they had @BOT Albert on their team
  20. Why?

    Yeah, not even HA can see them. When you post your response to the app it instantly disappears to where even you cant see it

    2 lol. 1 is spam, 2 is not spam
  22. The Best Part About CS:GO and TS is...

    Black headset. White wire...
  23. Life

  24. Merry Christmas

    Seven gay*
  25. I might Return if People want me to -Bowie

    Xeno is on vaction rn. R.I.P.