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  1. RDMing

    yes lol
  2. Prop Surfing on ttt_minecraft_b5_csgo_v1_defy

    Boi. You take away the trash cans. But allow the minecarts...
  3. More Maps in the Map Pool

    It isnt a priority? Because the people who are in charge of it dont play... You dont know what it's like to play the same maps for like a month straight.
  4. Happy Birthday Emo

    At least i dont need sweat bands to play...
  5. Happy Birthday Emo

    Happy birthday. Get a good mic for your birthday
  6. VAC'd

    Incorrect. I asked mark about and it doesnt matter apparently so... Yeah thats a thing
  7. When your team sucks

    It's because they had @BOT Albert on their team
  8. Why?

    Yeah, not even HA can see them. When you post your response to the app it instantly disappears to where even you cant see it

    2 lol. 1 is spam, 2 is not spam
  10. The Best Part About CS:GO and TS is...

    Black headset. White wire...
  11. Life

  12. Merry Christmas

    Seven gay*
  13. I might Return if People want me to -Bowie

    Xeno is on vaction rn. R.I.P.
  14. [Closed]BOOM's Player Complaint

    Department of Bans & Complaints @BOOM Admin Resolution Not enough evidence. Misc Information Put the correct Steam ID
  15. DEFY Here i come!!!!!

    Hi sir whats up?
  16. Rip to my friends

  17. Quiting

  18. Bhop changes

    I dont want me 3k credits. I want me bhop...
  19. Nutt

  20. Defy clan tags

    For members no, it isn't required
  21. Seven's Pictures | Set Uno

    Wow, nature and macro. O R I G I N A L
  22. Attracting more players.

    I think if we do get player models it should be specifically for attraction and we would need to add more the /shop in TTT
  23. Hi, I didn't see you there.

    Am i really though?
  24. Ghetto Desk

    I have the same mouse...
  25. Ghetto Desk

    My desk is on top of two wood bricks so it is at the right height...