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  1. Never Done

    I made it

    After all this time of being trash at the game i have finally made it. Gold nova boys https://gyazo.com/e2c0f1268f5734b75977d52279632300 https://gyazo.com/ecb01526f2ca571b2b913cdfba8e2897
  2. Never Done

    Server Stats

    Dont compare my raw talent to making burgers
  3. Never Done

    Did you know this?

    Show off
  4. Never Done


    Who are you?
  5. Never Done

    I made it

    7. Overwatch priviledges are being offered to active low-reported players; rumor has it you need to have >150 competitive wins and a Gold Nova+ rank in order to get it.
  6. Never Done

    I made it

    You get that at 100 comp wins lol
  7. Never Done

    I made it

    I opened it too and got a xm skin
  8. Never Done

    When do your Finals end?

    I graduated oof. And i didnt have to take any finals cuz yeah
  9. Never Done

    Back when i played COD a little

    https://account.xbox.com/en-US/gameclip/2e9793f5-f535-474d-a1be-1f78cec023e9?gamertag=Im Never Done&scid=f4ad0100-febf-441e-9f12-5f1204cd8cf1
  10. Never Done


    Topic Bumping. O O F
  11. Never Done

    Which Company?

    Ok. IOS people like because it is UI friendly. Android is liked because it has a lot less limits placed onto it.
  12. Never Done

    The Positive Effects of Metal Music

    Because other music genres (not all) have made movements for society. Metal has only hurt peoples ears and left them confused as to how that can be a "Job" to scream "Professionally" into a microphone and put behind a beat and called music.
  13. Never Done

    This needs to happen.

    I mean i have over half the staff saying daddy so. if anything that should be the word. Not cucumber
  14. Never Done

    Oh boy.

    It will be a year of me being bans and complaints at the end of June.
  15. Never Done

    Can’t wait for this movie.

    I really like that art style
  16. Never Done

    Favorite Song / Musician

    I hate new logic. Old logic was way better (Ballin, Flexecution, Under Pressure). Now he is all about race and i hate it. I listen to rap for music, not to be told spider man should be black.
  17. Never Done

    Favorite Song / Musician

    Trying to listen to listen to more lyrical people (G-Eazy, Kendrick, and Rich Brian), but I always come back to mumble just because i can still understand it so...
  18. Never Done

    Sada Baby

    /gag Maine 15 Bad word
  19. Never Done


    @Nightwing1 @Nightwingt1 Whos who
  20. Never Done

    Sick Desktop Visualizer

    I know you can make your wallpaper animated with wallpaper engine on steam. I dont know what uncle is using though. Something similar i guess
  21. Never Done

    Who is Sexiest? I'm so fucking cringy!

    I voted for everyone. Dont know why
  22. Never Done

    Being Gone

    Because my mic does that thing with the program and im too lazy to fix it most of the time
  23. Never Done

    Being Gone

    11/10 grammar
  24. Never Done

    Being Gone

    I mean ive been gone and no one really noticed
  25. Never Done


    yes lol