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  1. Psycho

    Return of Psycho??

    Last week I was able to get on and catch up with some people. Working on getting a new pc asap, things have been tight and hard, many issues have occurred, which made my retirement/return hard to estimate when ill be back. Its going to be ASAP and I already have spoken to mark about wanting to come back and being part of defy again. Like I went over many issues came up involving fixing my car, bills, not having a job and focusing on my education, so its been hard to save the money I do make. I will be putting money aside as well as maybe setting up a go fund me to get me back on my feet and pursue what I want to do with pc gaming, defy, etc. I will make a go fund me and link it if I feel its right to, I do not like asking for money, or asking for help, nor is that my intention, If I do end up making a go fund me and you are able to spare something, Awesome! anything helps! Positive vibes and words are more than welcome! Do not feel obligated that anybody has to contribute, I will be back eventually either way. Hope all has been well for everybody! Will keep you updated. For now -Psycho signing off ( I look forward to continuing my journey with defy and all the old and new members, and continuing my gaming background/experience.)
  2. Psycho

    Return of Psycho??

    Damn, after leaving because timing and had to deal with some situations, i miss Defy, my fam, i want to announce that i am really thinking on returing. I Miss the times and the great community, itd be nice to catch up with whoevers still here from the beginning and meet the newer members. For who doesnt know im a former staff member, community player, and once i get my pc back, should there be a return of DEFY_Psycho??? One Love!! Hope everyones been well, hope to speak to you all soon.
  3. Psycho


    We would like to announce that we are having a double XP Weekend (PS: vips get x4 XP since they already have double!) starting Friday 12:00am EST and ending Monday at 12:00am EST! On the other hand on Monday(April 17, 2017), we will be adding a second Jailbreak server with 16 slots. We will be looking for your feedback the following week to see whether you prefer two 16 slots servers vs one 32 slot Jailbreak server. Also bronze VIP will be 20% off this weekend starting Friday-Sunday! Use promo code= 20off to apply the discount! (1 month=20% off 3 months=30%off 1 year=35% off)
  4. Psycho


    If you have any suggestions about the servers please give input down below. We will try to work with the suggestions and make the server more fun for our community Thanks! Your Friend, Psycho <3
  5. Psycho

    Leaving Defy..

    Sad to see you go man. Maybe just take a little break for a little and come back? It was a good ride though man see you around <3
  6. Psycho


    When is it then so I can announce it?
  7. Psycho


    2 more days till the giveaway?
  8. Psycho


    If you go into the giveaway forum by mr bam you should be able to get a lot of your friends links there. There's quite a few and it'd be easier.
  9. Psycho


    http://steamcommunity.com/id/JGJ1234/ Slot:25

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