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  1. i dont know if im supposed to do this or not but, aye who wants to trade for some shit skins !!
  2. NooBVeteran

    why did my ban expand from one week to one month

    bruh that is the most idiotic thing ive ever heard that if im banned for the 2nd time thing its a month automatically
  3. i was on a trip with my family and i was gone for the past 3 days and the first thing i did on my computer was update csgo and went to this website and i remembered that i was banned on the servers for having to low of karma on ttt. but the reason why im doing this whole thing is that it was supposed to be just a week ban not a whole month this is such a disappointment im so mind blowned that i didn't even get a alert that this happened
  4. hey mark. my name is noob you might not know me but ive been on the server since  October 23 2016 and ive always been trying to get to become mod// admin but nobody been such a help. the reason i want to become mod or admin is so i can help the server be better and more understandable and i want my voice to be heard.I want to fix the things people do wrong i want to help the server be stronger than the day before.so i say to you Mr.Mark will you help me achieve my dream.


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