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  1. Introduction

    Yep... I had zero rep until like a week ago lmao
  2. Introduction

    So... I kind of forgot about the whole intro thing, so I guess this is it. I have been a member of Defy since March 27, 2017. It's been a little over a year since I've joined, and I am glad to be here. Since the time I joined, I have taken quite a few breaks mostly because my computer wasn't the best, but i'm back now. This wasn't exactly the best Intro post ever, but I think I don't think it will end the world.
  3. Hey its me Finest

    Congratulations! Hope to see you on!
  4. This needs to happen.

    Sneaky I see where you're going with this... Hmu
  5. I'm insane

    So i'm depressed? Doesn't that make both of us emo though? So we're both emo zach? Never spells it wrong, so not him. It could be zarak though.
  6. I'm insane

    Me Zach or Emo Zach?
  7. Community Event 2 - 2v2 Tournament

    Yep, not sure when that was announced. Plus somebody was stream sniping at one point, but not for long.
  8. Community Bowling

    The whole server gets the auto-disconnect message at the same time. When you join back it is a different map.
  9. Community Bowling

    Community bowling keeps crashing TTT. Maybe fix or remove it?