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  1. Ski Mask X (obviously) 6 dogs Trippie Comethazine Famous Dex Purpp YBN Cordae
  2. Zach S

    the day i dipped

    Luv you dre. ❤️ Going to miss seeing you on the server
  3. Zach S

    Introduction Of Me

    Welcome! Hope to see you on the server!
  4. Zach S

    Need some help

    Agreed if you're going for the headset route.
  5. Zach S

    Joyner vs Tory Lanez

    Who do you guys think won? In case you don't know what I'm talking about First Song: Tory Lanez Second Song: Joyner Lucas Third Song: Tory Lanez Fourth Song: Joyner Lucas
  6. Literally my family ordered a ham and like 200 Fazolis breadsticks
  7. Zach S


    Welcome! Hope to see you around!
  8. Zach S

    What's the dumbest thing you've ever done?

    There was this rope swing in Costa Rica. It was in the middle of the rain forest like 200 feet in the air. It broke right after I went.
  9. Also, what's your Social Security Number? Just curious
  10. Zach S


    Could you make me a banner? I want whatever you decide to make as long as it looks good. Love you Bowie ❤️
  11. Zach S

    Defy roast

    Nah b. What if I'm just always high?
  12. Zach S

    Defy roast

    @Blank There's no need to roast you, you've already roasted yourself.
  13. Zach S

    What was your worst injury?

    It was the last day of school. I got off of school for the summer and rode my skateboard home. Me and some friends decided to go hill bombing, and at the bottom of the first hill I fell off my board and broke my collarbone. It wan't very bad at first, but about a week later I decided to get back on the skateboard in the house. I had the wheels in the cracks in the tile floor, and the wheels rolled out. I instinctively used my arm to try and catch myself on the counter. I broke it worse and extended the healing period by about 3 months. So for the whole summer I couldn't do a thing. I couldn't even play on the computer.
  14. Zach S

    Defy roast

    I got you let's hear this

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