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  1. Happy Birthday To Me :D

    happy birthday
  2. Defy clan tags

    If you are on the server.
  3. Idea For TTT

    Sounds like a good idea. IF we had one custom round of it sound like it would be fun , but i don't think we should have it every round.
  4. Health Grenade?

    i like the idea i will talk to mark about it.
  5. About Bowie

    We are happy that you like our server.
  6. Attracting more players.

    The player models was a good idea. I have seen people with vip more because of it , and it makes are server unique to other servers. (But i think we need more)
  7. Vip Bug CT

    I will talk to mark about it to see if he can fix it.
  8. found something new

    If you play on ttt their is a way to make yourself proving when you are a T. You have to kill a person with a zeuz when you are a T then you can take it and zeuz someone to make yourself proving.
  9. Introduction

    Hey my name is XxDukexBeastxX's I am 17 years old and I have a job at Emtec. I think the Defy server has one of the best staff.