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  1. Duke

    Fragfest 1 - Results

    How did bot albert get third place lol. Nice job albert
  2. Duke


    "Krit you won't mass rdm pussy" (does it) Welcome back Bro its been a long time
  3. Duke


    When potato saying that to get more playersXD Who is sam anyways?
  4. Duke


    i will take it be the fist one with 20,000
  5. Duke

    Merry Christmas

    Why did you put I ran away you ass
  6. Duke

    Bhop changes

  7. Duke

    bhop/jetpack changes

    Bhop has two new changes. Bhop will be for members now. If you buy bhop you will only have it for an hour, so the price will be 384. Jetpack will only be an hour for 384 as well. (only for gold vip) Hope you guys like the change.
  8. Duke


    Doing it right now @Emo Hoe emo gay
  9. Duke


    Welcome to defy ,but watch out for the gay emo very dangerous man XD
  10. Duke


    I hope you have a great time on our servers. Thank for joining.
  11. Duke


    When me and xeno play bhop we like to listen to music so we don't hear anyone.
  12. Duke

    The Level System Idea (Mostly TTT)

    I like the leveling system, but the health thing is a bad idea. i would like to see what level you are in the chat
  13. Duke

    Happy Birthday To Me :D

    happy birthday
  14. Duke

    Defy clan tags

    If you are on the server.