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  1. Oof

    Nibba I ain’t a girl like literally having hearts in my fucking name doesn’t mean I’m a girl lmfao kid
  2. Oof

    I’ve been gone for over a year is it time to make a comeback?? 🤔
  3. Help

    I'm trying to go see it but it's not there? Not in my profile and not in staff application I don't know where it got moved 2
  4. Help

    So there is a reply on my staff application and I can't see it? Idk if it's for me but I can't see it? Help
  5. Sorry!

    Haha very funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  6. Sorry!

    Sorry for not being on the servers on weekdays I have been busy all week maybe even 2 more weeks because all my major test are all this month and I've had allot of homework to do and study but I will be on 24/7 after all of that plus I can be on all weekend since they don't give that much homework on weekend thanks ?
  7. FaceIT

    I'm rank potato ? lel but here if you want to play with me username: freezelet (btw that's not my faceit account I share it)
  8. Never Done leave me alone

    Ummm what do I do when a wild never done keeps targeting me each time he is a traitor? LUL