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  1. Skyscraper.

    Can we replace the old skyscraper map with the newer one? It's a much better map compared to the older version. More routes, more floors, updated graphics. It's a no brainer.
  2. Hello

    Welcome to Defy, have fun.
  3. TTT Voice Chat

    This sounds great, can't wait to try this out.
  4. Plz

    Appreciate me you will.
  5. Jewie brags about his silver clips...

    That's just luck. ;D
  6. New players RDMing

    I always tell the newbies to read the rules, they don't usually listen though. There's not really any way to fix this issue. XP
  7. Eden's Intro

    This is hilarious.
  8. Happy Birthday To Me :D

    Happy birthday ya nerd. I'll mail you some cake later. :^)
  9. TTT Idea

    Sounds cool, but who would make this? We don't have many map makers in this community.
  10. TTT

    I like having lots of options for maps personally. But maybe some of them need to go. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. New to Forums and Semi-new to the servers

    Finally joined the forums. xp
  12. Autism

    I have so many questions.
  13. Idea For TTT

    Didn't you just post this in an idea post?
  14. joek

    emo gay
  15. Seven's Pictures | Set 二

    These are all sick pictures, well done.