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  1. PotatoStyle

    Your favorite moment on DEFY so far.

    Playing TTT with my boy Never Done and listening to his soundboard.
  2. PotatoStyle

    Your car or dream car.

    I currently own a 2002 Honda Civic. Would love to own a Subaru one day.
  3. PotatoStyle

    What is your favorite video game on STEAM?

    You actually like orange juice? I'm incredibly surprised.
  4. PotatoStyle

    Defy Roster

    Staff Update: 10/7/18 @Trace Promoted to Trial Admin.
  5. I play the bass guitar for my band class at school and it's been a blast. Never been a fan of blowing air into instruments so the bass was a perfect fit for me.
  6. PotatoStyle

    I need a break...

    Personally I don't think you should leave, but it seems like you've made up some of your own reasons for doing so. Sounds like you just need some time to sort things out my guy.
  7. PotatoStyle

    This Topic is hella serious, no clickbait!

    Have you looked at the member requirements? That’ll give you a good idea where to start.
  8. PotatoStyle

    Gucci Introduction

    Hope you enjoy your time here. :^)
  9. PotatoStyle

    The final moments of the DEFY teamspeak.

    Yup, but we decided we wanted to stick to one platform. Discord was newer and offered some other features teamspeak did not.
  10. Here are the last moments of the DEFY teamspeak, officially closed on April 12th. RIP Never Done's soundboard and other weird chat channels. But hey, discord is pretty darn cool. ;D
  11. PotatoStyle

    Hey Gamers

    Welcome to Defy. I'll see you around on the servers!
  12. I’d bring back Martha, that guy is a legend.
  13. PotatoStyle

    A petition for Mark to get rid of !cp

    You're really pushing vip these days, I might have to buy it again.
  14. PotatoStyle

    Come into my room

    My life has been fulfilled.
  15. PotatoStyle

    Respecting the forgotten.

    Butcher's my friend in real life lul. I'll get him to come on sometime maybe.

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