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  1. PotatoStyle

    I just crashed my car.

    I hope you didn't crash it while making this post.
  2. PotatoStyle

    Quick Hellos and Quick Goodbyes

    That's a shame, thought you were a pretty cool guy. Have fun at your other clan Exo.
  3. PotatoStyle

    Hello Everyone!

    I'd have a weeb group if we were allowed to have custom groups and you wouldn't be invited. :^(
  4. PotatoStyle

    Late Introduction

    I already know you though. ;D
  5. PotatoStyle


    So this is what Mark does in his free time..
  6. PotatoStyle

    Hello Everyone!

    Have you seen any studio ghibli movies? If you haven’t I recommend giving one of them a watch. Welcome to Defy. :^)
  7. PotatoStyle

    Favorite Game

    Pokémon Platinum, hands down. So many unforgettable memories attached to that game.
  8. PotatoStyle


    You sound your age, even though you might think different. But anyway, welcome to Defy~
  9. PotatoStyle


    Yup, a lot has changed in a year.
  10. PotatoStyle

    Hi im num

    Welcome num, hope you enjoy your time here at Defy. :^)
  11. PotatoStyle

    Where the time go

    It really doesn't feel like it's been that long since I met you and everyone else, but man does time sure fly. It's kinda sad to be honest. Especially knowing almost everyone will leave at some point. It really makes you want to cherish the time you have here with the community. I know, that's how it makes me feel anyway.
  12. PotatoStyle

    1 Year in DEFY

    Yeah, you’ve been here as long as I can remember. Thanks for sticking around pr0fs, you’ve always been one of my favorites. ;D
  13. PotatoStyle

    Robux or Steam Gift card

    More things you can do with a steam card. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. PotatoStyle

    Senior Member Requirements

    Veteran is just a higher member rank, there’s not really any large difference.
  15. PotatoStyle


    Welcome back haha. Do you know what was causing the issue?
  16. PotatoStyle

    Game Ideas

    Just do battle royale and make it not suck.
  17. PotatoStyle

    Senior Member Requirements

    Currently there is no way to become senior member. (Unless someone just ranks you up) Mark had a new ranking system planned out, but I'm not sure when it will be active. So for now you'll just have to sit tight.
  18. PotatoStyle

    hello there

  19. PotatoStyle


    Welcome and enjoy your time here.
  20. PotatoStyle

    Server Stats

    It is weird I thought the same thing too. But I don’t think you can actually change that. I mean Mark would know if it’s possible. Depending on the game mode it makes more sense to use score instead of hours.
  21. PotatoStyle

    yeet i'm back

    Oi Trace! I hope you're actually back not lying to us, haha.
  22. PotatoStyle

    Favorite Games?

    I've played a lot of games and there's been a number of them that I've enjoyed. Usually for a game to be in my favorites I have some sort of connection to the game, maybe a memory, moment or overall enjoyment. 1. Pokemon Platinum - By far my most loved Pokémon title. It was one of the first games I had for my nintendo ds. I played the absolute hell out of this game, sinnoh was such an interesting region. 2. Battlefield 4 - One of the best battlefield games. I've been playing battlefield since the first game, battlefield 1942. I enjoyed most of the series but BF4 really stuck out to me and I played it for a ton of hours. 3. Terraria - First game I ever bought on steam. I've clocked a ton of hours into this game. 4. Age of Empires III - My dad got me into this game when I was young and I loved it. I've since bought the game on steam too and have still enjoyed it. 5. Danganronpa Series - One of my friends suggested I should play this game. They got me hooked haha, this is an awesome mystery series. 6. Final Fantasy XIV - It's surprisingly my first Final Fantasy game, however not my first MMO. Best MMO I've ever played, this game has all the features that I wanted. 7. Halo Reach - I bought an Xbox 360 just to play this game when it came out, I was not disappointed. I love everything from the campaign to multiplayer. It never got old and was always fun to play with friends. 8. Osu! - I picked up this game just under two years ago and found myself enjoying it a lot. My friend suggested I play it after he saw the kind of games I liked. My friend is actually #10,000 and is way better than I am haha. 9. CS:GO - This was going to be on the list obviously. I've been playing counter strike for about 4 years now, I've had a lot of great moments on this game. Those moments still continue to this day. There's so many more games I could name, but I'm going to keep it strictly to some of my all time favorites. Thanks for reading my list and have a nice day!
  23. PotatoStyle

    I've returned... again.

    Welcome back Rickle!
  24. E3 has been exceptionally exciting this year. My wallet is going to be bone dry, there's so many titles that I want to end up buying. Code Vein and Battlefield 5 are among some of my top priorities.
  25. PotatoStyle

    Community Wide Meeting

    Covering rules mostly, but we might lead off and talk about other things. If there's something you're unsure about then it would be a good time to ask questions too.

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