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  1. PotatoStyle

    When do your Finals end?

    I'm not sure yet, but before June 14th.
  2. PotatoStyle


    Buy a freezer and leave it open, problem solved.
  3. PotatoStyle

    Play Minigmes More

    I mean I sure can. Minigames is pretty enjoyable for the most part. xP
  4. PotatoStyle

    Im back

    Nug gats has returned.
  5. PotatoStyle

    Other Games

    I’d play terraria, can’t say the same about the forest though.
  6. PotatoStyle

    Can’t wait for this movie.

    You’ll know where to find me on October 5th. It’s gonna be good.
  7. PotatoStyle

    Emo, you better read this.

    Why would you take out Azure Emo, lol.
  8. PotatoStyle

    You know You High Af When...

    O boi.
  9. PotatoStyle

    DEFYclan Community Event - Hunger Games

    Probably won’t be able to make it. XP
  10. PotatoStyle

    gowilla four Anime pls

    With open arms we welcome you to the anime team comrade.
  11. PotatoStyle

    The Positive Effects of Metal Music

    Did you write this for a class or something Emo? xD
  12. PotatoStyle

    Yea it happened again

    Glad you said something about this. There was some people that were using this exploit on minigames tonight. They ended up crashing the server.
  13. PotatoStyle

    Yea it happened again

    Hopefully it doesn’t cause too many issues. XP
  14. PotatoStyle

    Results from the event

    It was fun, thanks for the event!
  15. PotatoStyle

    Easy Peasy

    Game is INCREDIBLY easy on mobile. All my friends always win too.
  16. PotatoStyle

    A Very Late Intro

    Eh, nobody said it had to be good. c:
  17. PotatoStyle

    Oh boy.

    It’s already been a year today since I joined the forums. I forgot just how fast time goes by, it definitely doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. Anyways, I’m looking forward to another year with you guys!
  18. PotatoStyle

    Oh boy.

    Compared to the rest of you guys haha.
  19. PotatoStyle

    Can’t wait for this movie.

    It's gonna have some amazing animation too.
  20. PotatoStyle

    Should I Come Back?

    Of course you should come back, you're awesome. xP
  21. PotatoStyle

    Time to Flex

    Where did you go in Canada?
  22. PotatoStyle


    Just do it during spring break.
  23. PotatoStyle

    This game is rigged

    It doesn’t get increased accuracy the more you shoot. XD
  24. PotatoStyle

    Hi :D

  25. PotatoStyle

    Favorite Song / Musician

    My all time three favorite artists are: Hyper Potions, Ujico/Snail’s house, and Subtact. My favorite song right now is Kino Hiko - The noise of rain. Yup, that’s about it.