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  1. Artistic help

    That is very interesting.
  2. Nobody is playing TTT?

    It's just slow right now.
  3. xd

    They just kept coming lol.
  4. Ace

    Solid ace.
  5. Wtf

    They're coming for our giveaways. TONIGHT WE STRIKE.
  6. Minigames

    It’s been around for a couple weeks haha. There probably should’ve been more advertising.
  7. my singing

    If you don't release it- I'll cry.
  8. Teams for the 2v2 Tourney

    Someone that’s dependable lol.
  9. milo's friendly christian server

    It's actually your're. Learn how to grammar.
  10. Oof

    I remember you. You should make a comeback. xp
  11. Hola

    Welcome back Krit! Hope to see you around sometime.
  12. Gaming Set-ups & Fish Naming Contest

    It’s weird because I’m actually right handed and I don’t use my left hand for anything really. I guess it’s just more comfortable for me to use my right hand on my keyboard.
  13. Do you know da wae?

    Don’t leave me hanging.
  14. Gaming Set-ups & Fish Naming Contest

  15. Gaming Set-ups & Fish Naming Contest

    Yeah, I wish there was more space for another monitor. xD
  16. Gaming Set-ups & Fish Naming Contest

    Here’s mine, I’m working with like minimal space lol. I had to custom make my desk. Specs: ROG Strix GTX 1070 i5-7500 4 cores 3.4ghz 16gb Hyperx Fury (2x 8gb) Samsung SSD 250gb
  17. Defy Roster

    Staff Update: 2/2/18 @pr0fs Promoted to General Admin. Staff Update: 2/4/18 @Hexaquan Promoted to Trial Admin. Staff Update: 2/23/18 @Ninja Promoted to Trial Admin.
  18. HELLO

    You have one of the deepest/hottest voices I’ve ever heard.
  19. Being Gone

    I noticed you nerd.
  20. Being Gone

    Take your time Krim. Get some time to relax. <3
  21. I have returned.

    I just finished mine last week. Feels good.
  22. Rule Update 1/19/18

    I don’t support this new rule. TTT should be fun for everyone, even the guy that rdm’d. Longer slay times just turn people off.
  23. Unoriginal intro

    TTT is the good stuff. Welcome to Defy Blank. ;^D
  24. Backstabs.

    Alrighty, so in TTT there's been quite a few issues with backstabs. They don't one shot for whatever reason. I'm not sure if this is just some sort of glitch or if it's supposed to be like that now. So yeah, if this is a glitch probably a good idea to look into it.
  25. Prop Surfing on ttt_minecraft_b5_csgo_v1_defy

    Must’ve been overlooked. xp