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  1. I've tried.
  2. Doubt it. never. very very very old staff. i'm sorry.
  3. ask me anything you want i guess. this is me trying to be a little more active.
  4. Zane

    This is the original creator of mankind. He has made many incredible things happen. He IS the one. He will always be the one. From a boy without any pubes, to a full bearded man. Mark, I personally thank you for making my life better.



    Ya boi

  5. Way too late for me to be addressing this but I'm pretty much dead. I'm barely on and most likely be playing games anytime soon. Good luck DEFYClan, and Happy New Year. :)




    1. Mrbam


      fuck of i don't like you

    2. Mrbam


      you are 1 % nice only 11111111

    3. Mark


      Well since the servers have been online I believe I have seen you on once. :/

  6. Zane

    Hello everyone.

    I'm doing well. How are you doing phippo?
  7. Zane

    Hello everyone.

    Hello! My name is Zane. I'm a pretty chill guy to be around. I enjoy meeting new people so if you'd like to meet me, send me a message!

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