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  1. Where did you while you were here?
  2. ya i was born and raised here. Did you ever go to an eegee's?
  3. if you ever come to tucson go to eegee's. There is like 8 locations here but none anywhere else
  4. Hexaquan

    Desert Island Scenario

    i was a boy scout and i play rust
  5. Hexaquan

    Favorite Sport

    it was one in a million, i was driving it but instead of going straight forward where i was looking it shot 90 degrees to the right hit a curb bounced back at me hit another curb launched straight in the air hit a roof bounced even higher landed on the hood of car in a parking lot bounced on another car next to it and bounced super high in the air and landed on another car. It then proceeded to ricochet between two of the cars rapidly until it finally ended. One car looked like someone dropped a brick on its hood from 30 feet. The other two looked like some one has gone at their sides with a baseball bat. I would have felt bad but one car had a minion dashboard shade thing. There was 20-30 people in the area too since it was the opening hole and only me and a couple friends i was playing with saw it happen. i literally did thousands of dollars of damage to those cars. I dont know how it was possible but it happened. I just walked to the next hole like nothing had happened and prayed nobody else saw.
  6. Hexaquan

    Favorite Sport

    impressive mine is also 5
  7. Hexaquan

    Aye ya'll lemme get an opinion

    who would pay $135 for pair a converse a 1st grader painted on?
  8. Hexaquan

    Josh introduction

    banned from discord
  9. Hexaquan

    Favorite Sport

    I used to run cross country and i was captain last year but this year i realized that doing cross country in Arizona heat kinda sucks ass. Its not fun running 10 miles in 110 degree heat while some old dude yells at you from his bike. I like watching football and basketball though. I also played golf for a little bit but decided i should stop when i hit three cars at with 1 ball.
  10. Hexaquan

    Favorite Sport

    whats your record?
  11. Hexaquan

    Your car or dream car.

    my dad and i are restoring a 67 chevy pick up truck
  12. Hexaquan

    Defylights Feedback

    I like this very much as well.
  13. Hexaquan

    Your favorite moment on DEFY so far.

    playing jailbreak at 3 in the morning with happy when the server was empty. we ended up not talking at all once it was just us two left on the server and we would just go straight to disco and do the cha cha slide again and again and again. we did that for at least an hour probably two hours. And we never talked we just did the cha cha slide
  14. Hexaquan

    What is your favorite video game on STEAM?

    i sadly never got to play legacy i heard it was great though. the new bp system is grind i think if they changed a few things it would be a lot better though
  15. Hexaquan

    What is your favorite video game on STEAM?

    rust is pretty good, its an emotional roller coaster though

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