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  1. Hexaquan

    Goodbye Defyclan!

    You gotta get rust. Its such a great game its kinda the reason i barely play on defy servers anymore
  2. Hexaquan

    Goodbye Defyclan!

    Im gonna miss you. What other games are you gonna play now?
  3. Hexaquan

    Im back

    can we get a petition to force him to change his name back to nuggets
  4. Hexaquan

    Other Games

    I started playing a little bit after legacy during the the first blueprint system. I then played some during the xp but hated that system so i stopped playing and I returned during the component system and had soem fun but there wasnt any actual progression for that so servers always died. The scrap system is ok that they have right now its just a little bit grindy as a solo. But they added a lot of really fun stuff like boats, chinook, bradley apc, scientistist, underwater stuff, and the safe zone compound
  5. Hexaquan

    Other Games

    I i got blueprints on rustified small if you get some poeple together ill play
  6. Hexaquan

    Back when i played COD a little

    didnt you get vac banned?
  7. Hexaquan

    Other Games

    Rust would be a great game. They updated so much stuff recently. They added boats. Its fucking great.
  8. Hexaquan

    Teams for the 2v2 Tourney

    Im open if someone needs a team mate
  9. Hexaquan


    your a sophmore? im older than you
  10. Hexaquan

    Do you know da wae?

    Suicide pact?
  11. Hexaquan

    It's Super Bowl Sunday

    Lets go Nick Foles!!!
  12. Hexaquan

    Rule Update 1/19/18

    ok, that sounds pretty good. I swear every time i had to go leave unexpectedly i had a slay
  13. Hexaquan

    Rule Update 1/19/18

    So if i have to leave but I rdm'd the round before the admin can assign me the slay and then I can leave?
  14. Hexaquan

    Rule Update 1/19/18

    Does this mean that its ok to leave after you rdm someone, since you will get punished when you return
  15. Hexaquan


    Not as good as this