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  1. VAC'd

    I didn't say you were vac'd, I was saying you can't use that account I was letting you use anymore because I'll be using it for playing CSGO. (I haven't been on DEFY servers on that acc yet after the ban so thx for telling me)
  2. VAC'd

    Btw @Krim this does mean u cant use the other acc anymore if u even did lately, srry man
  3. VAC'd

    I just got VAC'd in csgo for having a gta 5 cheat activated while I played. TIME TO SWITCH TO MY SMURF! Lets go bois
  4. Question

    Play platinum, or if you have a pokewalker then play soulsilver
  5. I enjoy not breaking rules
  6. Rickle Pick Be out here

    rip chances at gud smash

    I joined a month before you left under the alias of "Pinkie Pie", and I barely remember you, but nice to see you again!
  8. Quiting

    Gonna miss u bro
  9. Xeno

    I cook your dog
  10. Hello

    I ate a cat once wwait no that wwas a snickers bar same difference, wwhatevver.
  11. I want my name changed to Rickle Pick.

    This is literally fucking hilarious.
  12. TTT

    You didn't specify what kind of list
  13. TTT

    1. Eggs 2. Milk 3. Bread 4. Soda 5. Peanut Butter 6. Chips 7. Plastic Cups 8. Paper Plates 9. Paper Towels 10. Frozen Dinner