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  1. TTT

    You didn't specify what kind of list
  2. TTT

    1. Eggs 2. Milk 3. Bread 4. Soda 5. Peanut Butter 6. Chips 7. Plastic Cups 8. Paper Plates 9. Paper Towels 10. Frozen Dinner
  3. New to Forums and Semi-new to the servers

    Yes, I am too.
  4. Happy Birthday To Me :D

    5$ has been donated in your name to the Twenty-First Century Foundation.
  5. Wait a week

    My (Second) staff app was denied because I posted it too close to the date that my first was denied. I was unaware that I wasnt supposed to post another, and didn't know that there was a rule referring to that. Pls fix.
  6. Prop surfing

    Who is this friend?
  7. Oh my god, hes a squeaker!

    Lol im better now
  8. My girlfriend said she didn't like Cake.
    Now she's single.
    Hahaha I'm kidding
    She's dead.

  9. Oh my god, hes a squeaker!

    I'm sick, and my vvoice sounds completely different. Somewwhat like a goose mixed with an 11 year old child. I'll try to keep talking to a minimum, but prepare to hear that if you activvely play on the JB servver, as you wwill most likely see and hear me. I apologize.
  10. What is this?

    Is this a late response? it took me 2 minutes, but I got it in.
  11. Attracting more players.

    Already put RECRUITING in the server names
  12. Attracting more players.

    I know what would completely fix this problem, HURTSTATIONS!!!