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  1. PixelStretch

    fun ass hell playing on a surf

    Be careful! He will give you -rep too!!
  2. PixelStretch

    Werther's' Intro

    I third this
  3. PixelStretch

    That Butchers Introduction

    Welcome to DEFY! I hope you enjoy your stay!
  4. PixelStretch

    fun ass hell playing on a surf

    You got banned hehe
  5. PixelStretch

    how did u get ur name

    I got the Stretch part of my name from an old video game, "Call of Duty 2: Big Red One" (Best CoD game btw). In one specific part of the campaign (I believe the "Liberators" chapter) you are in flying fortresses and you are shooting down enemy fighter jets. You shoot a specific one down and a fellow airman comes over the radio and says "Hey! That one was mine Stretch!" I liked the name and started using it. The Pixel part came from whenever a streamer I used to watch (ScetchLink) changed his twitter name to PixelScetch. I liked it so I "borrowed" it onto my name. I was christened as PixelStretch.
  6. PixelStretch

    Do You Put Milk First or Last

    First, you grab your bowl Next, you grab that box of banana nut crunch and fill that bowl to the brim. Next, sprinkle some sugar on that bitch. Finally, drown that shit in milk. FINISH
  7. PixelStretch


  8. PixelStretch

    They said The Forums Were Dead...

    Heck Yea! I'll see what I can do!
  9. PixelStretch

    Panda's Introduction

  10. PixelStretch

    Returning to CSGO Soon

    Awesome Xeno! Glad to have you back, my friend!
  11. PixelStretch

    How long have you guys been with DEFY?

    Hell yea! What's you favorite memory?
  12. PixelStretch


    He sits.
  13. PixelStretch


    That's what I use!!! Great headset!:)
  14. PixelStretch

    Specialty Rounds in TTT.

  15. PixelStretch

    Specialty Rounds in TTT.

    I have an idea to kind of throw off the regular rigamarole of the game. Spice it up if you will! These rounds would only happen say, once per map. Specialty Rounds: Detectives V. Traitors Two Teams: Detectives and Traitors. When you die you switch teams. You keep playing until the last person dies on the opposing team! Free For All: Everyone is Traitor and the last person remaining gets a bonus amount of points. Double Points Round: This round happens early off on a map rotation in order to boost people's points, so that they can take full advantage of the /shop function later in the game.