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  1. [Closed]Stewie Griffin's Player Complaint

    First two I posted.
  2. Name: Kirby Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:52612616 Date of Incident: 08/10/2017 Complaint Kirby has been propblocking at night recently and has been doing it every single round.As traitor,as inno,etc Evidence http://steamcommunity.com/id/4804116963/screenshots/ http://steamcommunity.com/id/4804116963/screenshots/ Have you read How to Post a Complaint? 1
  3. Why am i not in the Member Roster yet?

    I got an idea.Whenever hoodini is online or playing elder scrolls,how about we all spam him to rank us!
  4. A weeb who plays CSGO 24/7,Has no life,and somehow walls and aimhacks in ttt

    1. XenoGenesis


      true my walls are OP

  5. Today was the day.

    Jokes on you I am fourteen.Get your facts right,kid.
  6. Today was the day.

    So that is why there is a "L" On your name Milo.
  7. Why am i not in the Member Roster yet?

    Welp i am taking a L.
  8. Why am i not in the Member Roster yet?

    I have been accepted as a member like a couple months ago but I am still not there!Wyd defy?
  9. Senior Member

    I was wondering on what is the "Knowledge Test".I do fit all the requirements but I do not know all about that.So I would appreciate who can tell me stuff about that.Thanks!
  10. How do you rank up?

    Or otherwise apply for mod/admin/senior etc.Plus lately theres been inactive admins in ttt.
  11. antivirus bs

  12. how did u get ur name

    Okay I got my name from Family Guy.(No shit.)
  13. Introduction

  14. Introduction

    Hello,I am Stewie Griffin.I have been playing on TTT for like 6 months?7?I was not counting.I would use this account sometimes,im not gonna post a lot of stuff.
  15. Defusal not a Refusal