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  1. Stewie Griffin

    Favorite Cartoon?

    From Nickelodeon to CartoonNetwork.What do y'all consider your favorite cartoon you like to watch?My favorite is,Idk if yall heard of,but its called family guy/
  2. Stewie Griffin

    Battle Royale

    I could have bought a Brazzers memb-oh shit um...i mean...Fuck it.I could have bought A hentai collection full of magazines and sex dolls.
  3. Stewie Griffin

    Im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.Hey,.

    Tbh,I stopped playing for like a month ago before forgot to made the announcement to be perfectly honest beforehand.What am i @Connor
  4. Stewie Griffin

    Im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.Hey,.

    I am Back,fellas.
  5. Ill be taking a break from playing on the servers.Its gotten kinda boring for me and I'm just gonna focus more on comp.Maybe Ill be back in like maybe a month or two.Hopefully i won't get deranked from inactivity in the group.Peace.
  6. Stewie Griffin

    Dedicated Players

  7. Stewie Griffin

    Who is Your Favorite Admin?

    Profs,Zarak (I miss you no homo.),Ravioli,Ender,PotatoStyle,Hoodini,Dark,Benji,Dre, theres a whole shitlord more but im too lazy.
  8. Stewie Griffin


    If you can pick only one superpower in the world, what would it be? Tbh i would pick to be able to control time so i can fix my mistakes in the past.just relive my favorite moment again, and maybe just dick around with people.
  9. Stewie Griffin

    Whats was the "incident" at your school?

    When i was in 7th Grade,I found an used condom on the floor in the bathrooms.and some fucking milk of what im assuming in the toilet,weird there was no milk cartons.
  10. Stewie Griffin

    A Wishing Scenario

    *Please do not roast the hell out of me,I'm being ironic on the first part and i love playing on the DEFY Servers and don't hate it whatsoever.If you are a moderator/admin,Ill just delete that part if you want me to. My three wishes is to be able to control time,Have infinite money and be immortal.
  11. Stewie Griffin

    A Wishing Scenario

    (You have recently bought a new house with your loving wife and kids.Until you woke up and realized you didn't have any because you play on CSGO Defy servers.Why did i make this part?Because I just wanted to make fun of you.Ok the real scenario is after this sentence.)Lets say,You had the ability in the world to make three wishes,The only rules you cant wish for is for more wishes,you can not wished for a rule for more wishes to be broken,no loopholes whatsoever.What three wishes would you make?
  12. Stewie Griffin

    Defylights Feedback

    Fucking yeah.Except it needs more TTT action,either way YES!
  13. Stewie Griffin

    Favorite Sport

    My favorite SPORT is Basketball.l play whenever i can,Im also in a HS Basketball team and play in other leagues like AAU.Just like @D.J Dog Walkerused to say,Ball is Life.
  14. Stewie Griffin

    Favorite Sport

    Everyone has a favorite sport.Well unless your the fatass with an anime bodypillow touching it with your cheeto dusted fingers,What was your sport you currently play/used to.Wheter it is a wellknown sport or something people barely don't know about,What is your favorite?
  15. Stewie Griffin

    Your favorite TV show or Movie.

    Well i cant say a favorite at all but i had to go between The Walking Dead and i guess Monster Musume (Anime.)

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