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  1. what cars do you like? xd

    Fiat polski
  2. RIP Duke

    Uk, Uk, Uk, Uk. RIP USA Good luck to everyone store your computers in a high place
  3. Why am i not in the Member Roster yet?

    You're not in the roaster is because you're in the logang while everyone here is a jake pauler #savages #wearethebest #jakepaul4lyf
  4. Good Logo?

    Mate that's shit now this is what the French call, le magnifique ar and I also fixed yours Ha goteem you got pranked.
  5. Music?

    But actually I listen to grime artists and to tyler the creator.
  6. Music?

    Listen to my mixtape
  7. How to Not Get Karma Banned

    I suggest you donate to charity that is surely gonna get your karma up or you could volunteer at charity shops.
  8. antivirus bs

    You see emo hoe gives the virus a virus so he himself is an antivirus
  9. antivirus bs

    That's why mac is the master rac mac nation jake Pauler
  10. I love kvass the drink
  11. Steam Account Giveaway?

    Gimme that shit nibba
  12. Sling man.

    That's radical dude.
  13. Introduction

    Dude i also play on mac, i like you already.
  14. Sling man.

    What happened?
  15. Introduction

    Leave, this no place for people like you. rdmers.