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  1. TTT

    It also has to do with people not giving the server a chance. For example, if I see a TTT server with 0/32 and one with 13/32 I am going to choose the 13/32 any day. I went on with like 5 people one day and instantly the server starting getting people on. So if you just afk and wait the server will get people on.
  2. More perks for TTT V

    Ikr, I dont really wanna play TTT now that's its extremely unfair/pay to win
  3. More perks for TTT V

    So currently the only perks are any gun for free and health shots at the start of every round. I feel like this isn't enough maybe like 40x credits and no clip would be fit for VIP. Let me know what you guys think in the comments.
  4. What counts as mini modding?

    Telling Admins to take any sort of action on a player. Do not enforce any rules, leave it to the staff team. Examples: Telling an admin to slay a player for free kill. Constantly telling people rules or telling them to read the rules. This is what the rules tell me what mini modding is but apparently that is not true. I was told to stop mini modding when I said someone rdm'd and left. "rdm and leave admins" was the exact thing I said and right before that was his steam id and name. So this does not seem to go against any of the rules against mini modding but I was told to stop, so have the rules for mini modding changed and just haven't been updated? PS: This is not intended to bash the admin who said this, I totally respect and love the admin. This is only asking the question so I can know how to go about doing this kind of thing in the future.
  5. Introduction

    Macs are crap, except when their big macs

    Dude just appeal mate your probs in the clear
  7. Defusal not a Refusal

    you can get a better recording device from here pornhub.com i swear its amazing, make sure your parents are around when you click the link.
  8. BDAYS

    My birthday is today...
  9. Gone for a bit.

    I dont think potato will have a problem getting 4 or 6 hours a week, he is on quite a bit
  10. T being random?

    Thats just what they want you to think.! They make sure new players get it more often so that they come back to their server. Admins and mods get it 2x as much as any other player simple becuase they are mods and admins. Players in the 20+ hours region are the ones taking the hit for this.
  11. How To Prove Yourself By Buying a Taser

    Since the update a month ago buying a taser no longer proves you. However, if you buy a taser and you throw it to somebody it will say "DEFY | That Butcher's Zeus x27" while holding it. This is how you can prove yourself with a taser. The best option is to give your taser to the detective and have him prove you by reading the owner of the taser.
  12. Krimzson Introduction

    Nice 69 posts potato style
  13. Hexaquan's Inroduction

    sentence number 9 part b, at schoools?
  14. Can i kos off of stattrack?

    So if I pick up a gun at the start of the round that someone else had with a stattrack and I see the stattrack go up can I kos off of that?
  15. Grinding is fun.

    My gosh, this changes everything