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  1. DUNN


    i know it has been a long time since ive played defy but i miss it too much so im going to be playing more often
  2. DUNN


    i dont have evidence because i was on a diffrent server i was sitting next to De Harrison and he was watching me and saw it all happen th
  3. DUNN


    i was playing JB and XxDukexBeastxX banned me and i wasnt on the same server as him but im banned for a week i didnt do anything
  4. DUNN

    admin joke but maybe

    ok got it it was mainly a joke
  5. DUNN

    admin joke but maybe

    im asking can i become admin. its a joke but if I really can become an admin i would love to
  6. DUNN

    admin joke but maybe

    i was told by sombody that there was a full lobby on ttt and everyone was rdming so i was thinking can i become admin 100% joke but if i can im on all the time but joke unless i can be
  7. DUNN


  8. i tried playing ttt and if i clicked connect it kicked my to main screen was there a prob or
  9. DUNN

    How to rank up in Defy

    i just checked the roster and it said i was a recruit 5 hours in game but i have a lot more if this is true however how do you rank up in Defy?
  10. DUNN


    i know there were like 7 people in the game 2 play on Defy servers and i do to so nobody really could hear it
  11. DUNN

    T being random?

    dang thx for telling me i think i have over 20 hours and last night i was it every other round
  12. DUNN


    i joined an sng server an didnt relize it so i said DEFY FTW SNG SUCKS GOTTA BLAST
  13. DUNN

    T being random?

    what is the rng for being t because there are times i am it every other round and time i never get it, is it pattern or rng?
  14. DUNN

    Not playing by the rules

    ok i will thx
  15. DUNN

    Not playing by the rules

    A few days ago a was playing jail break and there was a few people who would just hurry to the warden to kill them and when they were warden they just killed everyone when the game started is there a way to have admins on more often