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  1. TTT Idea

    What about the scripts for the map xd
  2. Eden's Intro

    Welcome to Defy! Enjoy your stay!
  3. TTT Idea

    Noone wants your eletric razor v5 xd
  4. Happy Birthday To Me :D

    Happy Birthday my dude
  5. Autism

    Stop... just stop
  6. Autism

    My thoughts exactly...
  7. Halp me plez

    well i dont
  8. Halp me plez

    Get rekt’d scrub
  9. Halp me plez

    I think its 3 per day
  10. $100 Giveaway

    Yo on the live stream it landed on when i joined the group lol. The time is 13:50 if anyone cares
  11. joek

    Emo Gay*
  12. Seven's Pictures | Set Tres

    https://gyazo.com/16e7d5eb6a6efcca44df05626bd22def https://gyazo.com/e802108157f4f195ec6a2752bef6bc0e https://gyazo.com/bd634f9814f45e9055e87822a9ad8e81 https://gyazo.com/2547c75f1e4ca77efd546cf15cfc0b72 I'm too lazy right now to add a description
  13. :/

    Rip to my boi jewie. Maybe try a new crosshair and sens idk.
  14. Seven's Pictures | Set 二

    Yeah i did about 3 so far