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  1. Seven

    Goodbye Defyclan!

    Ill come back the day League as servers and ill be an admin for that
  2. Seven

    Your favorite TV show or Movie.

    I really like Re:Zero and No Game No Life.
  3. Playing the Cards against humanity event i planned. That turned out very well. Also all the banter from playing with the defy squad on pubg(duke, stevey, xeno, emo, zarak)
  4. Seven

    Your car or dream car.

    ik but i dont care as long as i can afford it
  5. Seven

    Your car or dream car.

    I dont own it but i drive a jeep wrangler and i wouldn't mind a dodge charger
  6. Seven


    nah, depressing stuff.
  7. Seven

    What is your favorite video game on STEAM?

    I like games like that bring banter and very fun remember-able gameplay
  8. Seven

    What is your favorite video game on STEAM?

    Cant really decide between csgo, 100% orange juice and PUBG
  9. Seven


    Best anime girl
  10. Seven


    My name is seven for many reasons. My whole life changed when i was 7 years old. My favorite number is 7. I thought it was a cool and unique name seemlying who da fuck is named a number. 7 is also a lucky number.
  11. I play guitar and piano but thats all i wanted to learn
  12. Seven

    The final moments of the DEFY teamspeak.

    The Purge room
  13. yea ik i play league with him now
  14. i would bring back Mr.Happy, Icepack and your boi Xeno
  15. Seven

    RNG HungerGames

    you musta been hella thirsty

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