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  1. Seven

    Best Server Quote(s)?

    This happened during the Cards Vs Humanity event when I hosted it.
  2. Seven

    The Superior Season

    Winter bc its the only time in florida where its not consistantly hot. It still gets hot though somedays. Like last christmas I went swimming at a local spring.(springs in florida are consistantlty 72 degrees)
  3. Seven


    I got milo. He’s mine now. I own his soul. Look at my signature I do wish krim came back. He was a pretty chill dude at times
  4. Seven

    TTT Chat Limit

    On paper this idea solves a lot of problems like not being to call out important details and over all make the game a little more relax due to the lack of talking. But this feature will be really annoying to deal with at times where you might have used all you talk time and then really need to use it and cant. I also think more people will sit in discords and only talk in discords because there is no talk limit with using ingame to callout. If it goes that way I feel like ghosting will become more of an issue whether it be accidentally or not. I feel like new members will feel bored due to the lack of talk bc everyons in discord talking. But it seems that the community is split on this issue and I personally havent tried this new system but I personally dont really like the idea overall. Maybe we could do a community vote on what to due about this mechanic kinda how we voted on switching yo discord from teamspeak. #RIPTeamspeak You will be forever remembered.
  5. Seven

    TTT Chat Limit

    @Mark what do retired admins count as in this system? Admins or Players
  6. Seven

    Battle Royale

    Is that THE zarakattack
  7. Seven

    TTT Add Ons

    1. is bad because it helps people ghost better but i understand where your coming from. 2. Used to be a thing but it lags the servers very hard when 20+ people would get on like powerpoint lag 3. Idk bout that one 4. I think that is a thing in the detective shop 5. That is now part of the rules https://gyazo.com/0dfa74f009f96707f0747efdcdc56536 6. Thats all on mark.
  8. Seven

    Battle Royale

    In all honesty I think this update will go good for about 2 weeks and then the game with go downhill with alot more negative reviews slowly killing the game further than it already is due to its hackers and smurfs. The game will be an absolute hell in nonprime matchmatching even worse than before driving away any chance of new players who dont want to purchase the prime status. This update with the free part will also bring more people to be playing communtity servers along with more hackers or trolls joining. So I this new csgo will bring a harder job for community admins.
  9. Seven

    the day i dipped

    I welcome you to the retired(retarded) admin club
  10. Seven

    What's your favorite 2018 meme

    Bongo cat. https://ifunny.co/fun/ORBilcw56?s=cl https://ifunny.co/fun/ONxh9qe76?s=cl https://ifunny.co/fun/c14Twtl76?s=cl Skyrim. https://ifunny.co/fun/i24lnEiG6?s=cl https://ifunny.co/fun/B9MWBpT86?s=cl and this master piece https://ifunny.co/fun/1DHsumvD6?s=cl sawcon was also a very good meme
  11. I perfer 5 guys or in and out burger
  12. Seven

    Favorite Snacks

    Stick Pretzel bars with Nutella on the side.
  13. Seven

    Favorite Main Course

    I would kill for some good sushi. Like the raw fish kind. And my drink would probably be thai tea bc that shit good af. I also wouldnt mind a big bowl of steamed sticky rice with the best teriyaki chicken on top of it with a glass of A&W Rootbeer.

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