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  1. Rule Update 1/19/18

    I think that's a no because admins need you to be on the server to issue the command
  2. Happy Birthday Emo

    Happy bday emo!!!
  3. More Maps in the Map Pool

    i totally agree with you Stevey. Lots of negativity coming from lots of players about the little maps.
  4. The dollhouse map

    Its fixed now get rekted @Hexaquan
  5. Introduction

    Welcome to Defyclan WiigglyMelonss! Enjoy your stay!
  6. My Introduction. c:

    Welcome to Defyclan Taggof! Enjoy your stay!
  7. Introduction

    Welcome to Defyclan Fauxe! Enjoy your stay!
  8. Why is six afraid of seven

    Then i would bully them jokingly.
  9. Question

    SoulSilver with cyndaquil
  10. Why?

    1. Nobody except Emo, Mark, and Krim I think can see what people put. 2. This is to make it where staff is not influenced to give a certain person more or less points. For example let's say Xeno gives someone 4 points. Then say i haven't made my post on the staff app. and i was going to give that person a -1 then say i saw Xeno's post and thought oh well since Xeno thinks his highly recommended for staff then i will too. 3. It is also to let staff vote without being hated. For example if i gave you a -4 and you saw, you would be kinda pissed i would assume.
  11. Life

    I liked snivy and oshawott
  12. What commands come with member?

    He didnt ask tho. he stated he only needed one more
  13. My Sliver Comp Matches

  14. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to Defy clan JamesBarret! Enjoy your stay! Also if you become a member you get DOUBLE credits for playing on the server for cosmetic gear.
  15. Rickle Pick Be out here

    Dude ill play smash bros with ya. ill get you my friend code soon.
  16. Merry Christmas

    because you gone XDDDDD. Love youu
  17. Merry Christmas

    I probably will not have time to make this tomorrow so MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU NERDS. I hope everyone in Defy has a wonderful Christmas. And to the people who do not celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a fun day with your family. Because that is what the holidays are for am I right? Official Defyclan Jingle bells Jingle Bells, Never smells Zarak trys too hard Krim Jon Un banned me too And Duke ran away, hey! Jingle bells, Xeno smells Emo is a gay Stevey is spamming me Soundboards everyday, Hey. XDDDD put a lot a work into that
  18. die Einführung von Dark ☭

    Welcome to Defy clan Dark! Enjoy your stay!
  19. Introduction

    Welcome to Defy clan JoeyB! Enjoy your stay!
  20. Gummy Introduction

    Welcome to Defy clan Gummy! Enjoy your stay!
  21. Won't be able to get on

    Yeah be with your family at times like these.
  22. Merry Christmas

    oh yeah
  23. Merry Christmas

    your guys names did not go with the tune or you didnt have like a server thing like Emo gay or Zarak being a tryhard.
  24. I might Return if People want me to -Bowie

    Dude should totally come back kinda bummed you left like the wind.
  25. What happened to Duke?

    Unfortunately duke resigned about a week ago.