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  1. Seven

    Goodbye Defyclan!

    Ill come back the day League as servers and ill be an admin for that
  2. Seven

    Goodbye Defyclan!

    Umm so yeah I am leaving and probably never really going to play on the servers again only bc 1. csgo isnt the same game it was to me 2 years ago, 2. most of the people who made it impossible for me to want to leave are now gone and 3. I just got bored of the same old same old like playing TTT day in day out. had jailbreak ever got revived back to where it was when i first joined i wouldnt be leaving rn but at last jailbreak isnt that server with 12+ people from 12pm to 12am est. I want to say thank you to @Mark, @Never Done , @Ender, @BOT Albert, @Zach (Emo), @PotatoStyle, @Mr.Happy, @SensationalUnicorn, @IcePack, @XenoGenesis, @Duke, @Stevey Snowball, @The Suspect, @milo, @K!LO, @GamingByTheMinute(Jewie), @Ninja, @Zarakattack, @Mobbster, @pr0fs, @Uncle, @Hoodini, @Hexaquan and many more for making my time playing TTT, JB, Mini Games or the 1v1 server enjoyable. And if i didn't @ you it doesn't mean I hated you it might just be i forgot to add you up there, so if you know i liked you you should know you would be there. And if anyone wants to play any other games besides csgo pm me on steam or discord and i will if im not busy. Peace out buttercups
  3. Seven

    Your favorite TV show or Movie.

    I really like Re:Zero and No Game No Life.
  4. Playing the Cards against humanity event i planned. That turned out very well. Also all the banter from playing with the defy squad on pubg(duke, stevey, xeno, emo, zarak)
  5. Seven

    Your car or dream car.

    ik but i dont care as long as i can afford it
  6. Seven

    Your car or dream car.

    I dont own it but i drive a jeep wrangler and i wouldn't mind a dodge charger
  7. Seven


    nah, depressing stuff.
  8. Seven

    What is your favorite video game on STEAM?

    I like games like that bring banter and very fun remember-able gameplay
  9. Seven

    What is your favorite video game on STEAM?

    Cant really decide between csgo, 100% orange juice and PUBG
  10. Seven


    Best anime girl
  11. Seven


    My name is seven for many reasons. My whole life changed when i was 7 years old. My favorite number is 7. I thought it was a cool and unique name seemlying who da fuck is named a number. 7 is also a lucky number.
  12. I play guitar and piano but thats all i wanted to learn
  13. Seven

    The final moments of the DEFY teamspeak.

    The Purge room
  14. yea ik i play league with him now
  15. Seven

    RNG HungerGames

    The Bloodbath Day 1 Fallen Tributes 1 Night 1 Day 2 Fallen Tributes 2 Night 2 Day 3 Fallen Tributes 3 Night 3 The Feast Day 4 Fallen Tributes 4 Night 4 Day 5 Arena Event Fallen Tributes 5 Night 5 The Winner Placements
  16. i would bring back Mr.Happy, Icepack and your boi Xeno
  17. Seven

    RNG HungerGames

    you musta been hella thirsty
  18. Seven

    RNG HungerGames

    I was messing with the program and then this happened https://gyazo.com/e1f739b221f872c4344bc67ef4f18fe9 10 people died at once https://gyazo.com/fe3195155a7bb09abc683a02c3f58f94
  19. Seven

    RNG HungerGames

    its a program Day 2 is the funniest
  20. Seven

    best nosc in TTT to date

    Who the fuck is ghosting tho. Cold cold warmer the fuck. @Magma
  21. Seven

    Favorite Game

    Pokemon Silver and Pokemon Gold
  22. Seven


    Good lie nerd
  23. Seven

    Uhh ye

    Its my birthday again for thos who care.17 now and still counting.
  24. Seven

    Uhh ye

    Uhhh creepy
  25. Seven

    Where the time go

    For being head of bans and complaints you sure do complain a lot

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