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  1. Shiro

    best nosc in TTT to date

    Who the fuck is ghosting tho. Cold cold warmer the fuck. @Magma
  2. Shiro

    Favorite Game

    Pokemon Silver and Pokemon Gold
  3. Shiro


    Good lie nerd
  4. Shiro

    Uhh ye

    Its my birthday again for thos who care.17 now and still counting.
  5. Shiro

    Uhh ye

    Uhhh creepy
  6. Shiro

    Where the time go

    For being head of bans and complaints you sure do complain a lot
  7. Shiro

    hello there

    Wahts up my soundboard buddy
  8. Shiro


    4th intro now?
  9. Shiro

    Server Stats

    I like how its scored because some people cough Shell cough like to afk for long periods of time on the servers and since its based off of score then afking does nothing towards your place upon the leader board. this is a good example of it. Why should finest be above never done when never done does more things in the time he plays. So what im trying to say is why should someone who can make 7 burgers in a 10 minutes but clocks one extra hour everyday be above someone who can make 10 burgers in 10 minutes. If you do the math the person making 10 a min makes more than the guy having more time.
  10. Shiro

    yeet i'm back

    Do you can if i ask why you left?
  11. Shiro

    What's Up Boys

    Suh Dude
  12. Shiro


    no its kitten get bamboozled
  13. Shiro

    Re-Introduction and sad news

    WB, blast from the past.
  14. Shiro

    give me games to buy

    you said 4 games he owns already lol
  15. Shiro

    I've returned... again.

    potato you messed up the pattern. you were supposed to say No I'm returned again
  16. Shiro

    Favorite Games?

    What are your favorite games from any platform such as steam, console, or even mobile? Put your all time top favorite games in your comment and you can even explain why. (I'm doing this because I want to play some different games.) My top 5 games are as follows: Minecraft - Because I have played this game for about 7-8 years and i have so many fond memories of It with friends from Mobile to Console to PC. CS:GO - Although I haven't had this game nearly as long as Minecraft, I've still had someone those fond memories on the servers and comp with friends. BO1 and BO2 - These games were my go to games back around 2011-2014 when I didn't have a PC. Skyrim - An amazing game that I have beat about 4-5 times. League Of Legends - A game i recently returned to where I can relate back to fond memories of horsing around in games like Minecraft or CS:GO.
  17. Shiro

    I've returned... again.

    no i returned again
  18. Shiro

    Goodbye Defyclan!

    Umm so yeah I am leaving and probably never really going to play on the servers again only bc 1. csgo isnt the same game it was to me 2 years ago, 2. most of the people who made it impossible for me to want to leave are now gone and 3. I just got bored of the same old same old like playing TTT day in day out. had jailbreak ever got revived back to where it was when i first joined i wouldnt be leaving rn but at last jailbreak isnt that server with 12+ people from 12pm to 12am est. I want to say thank you to @Mark, @Never Done , @Ender, @BOT Albert, @Zach (Emo), @PotatoStyle, @Mr.Happy, @SensationalUnicorn, @IcePack, @XenoGenesis, @Duke, @Stevey Snowball, @The Suspect, @milo, @K!LO, @GamingByTheMinute(Jewie), @Ninja, @Zarakattack, @Mobbster, @pr0fs, @Uncle, @Hoodini, @Hexaquan and many more for making my time playing TTT, JB, Mini Games or the 1v1 server enjoyable. And if i didn't @ you it doesn't mean I hated you it might just be i forgot to add you up there, so if you know i liked you you should know you would be there. And if anyone wants to play any other games besides csgo pm me on steam or discord and i will if im not busy. Peace out buttercups
  19. Shiro

    Goodbye Defyclan!

    Could you pm me the link where you got this info? I cant find it anywhere.
  20. Shiro

    I made it

    Wow nice photoshop skills
  21. Shiro

    Goodbye Defyclan!

    I play a lot of LoL. Gonna start playing ark and maybe buy rust. But really ill play any game i got
  22. Shiro

    Goodbye Defyclan!

    Its not the servers that was the problem but more of the game itself and if you want to still talk i will.
  23. Csgo Hunger Games: CS:GO Hunger Games would be 10+ people completing to be the last man standing. There will be a variety of maps to play from. Points will be added up to find the top players of all the games. Every kill is worth 10 points and every win is worth 100 points. Prizes: 1st Place 750 credits 2nd Place 500 credits 3rd Place: 250 credits Plus every kill gets you 10 credits and every win gets you 125 credits. Join the Discord And meet in General Chat 1 Date & Time: 5/4/18 or Friday at 7 pm EST See you guys this weekend! (Just a friendly reminder that the event could be pushed to Saturday at the same time.)
  24. Shiro

    When do your Finals end?

    next week and past week
  25. Shiro

    Do you remember me?

    He played jb a little back when i first joined like for 1 hour or 2 any 1 week to 2 weeks

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