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  1. For Emo & Albert

    lol ffs xd
  2. what cars do you like? xd

    I love you more that never xd #nohomokindof
  3. what cars do you like? xd

    BOI now i love you more never done xd
  4. what cars do you like? xd

    I know this is a shit post but i'm curious about what cars do you guys like, mine of course are the teslas. xd
  5. Tribute to Some_Person

    pretty smexy when this happens xd
  6. ABUSE

  7. Today was the day.

    thats a month ban and this time Im pretty sure never will not appeal it
  8. voxxie confirmed scammer

    thats how summit 1G lost his asimov
  9. RA

    Herro, Im just want to thank all of you guys that made me laugh on this community and making me happy every day. With love Albert<3
  10. BDAYS

  11. Emo x Xeno Fanfic

    You where horny when you where doing this right?
  12. VAC flick

    IDReport 1555129445885 Reason: Hacking
  13. I am the AWP god.

    Uncle is so fucking gay in the background jk
  14. People Blasting Me For "Racism"

    this was something that i knew was going to happen
  15. IS EMO GAY?

    smexy af