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  1. BOT Albert

    I've returned... again.

    D i e JK
  2. BOT Albert

    Help me pick what map to do next! ( TTT )

    I would really like Assault to be a ttt map
  3. Bro I have been waiting for this trailer for almost 5 years, I remembered that they delayed the game to finish uncharted 5 , but hey its finally here, I'm so exited
  4. BOT Albert

    I made it

    No, @Never Done you get overwatch when you get to gn1, dummy
  5. BOT Albert

    Serious Question

    raped I think it is the correct answer
  6. BOT Albert

    I made it

    yeah I think never forgot to add the overwatch evidence.
  7. BOT Albert

    This needs to happen.

    Not cucumber he already said it xdd
  8. BOT Albert

    Oh boy.

    I have almost 2 years when I joined the servers, and on november was the first time I joined the forums, time does really fly
  9. BOT Albert

    Time to Flex

    Oh wait I just noticed what you said still you should go to mexico and visit me xd, and also I have been in GA, FL, AL, MS, LA,TX and CA
  10. BOT Albert

    Time to Flex

    What about mexico, maybe pls? I mean your going to go a bit low xd.
  11. BOT Albert

    Fragfest 1 - Results

    ok thank you bb <3
  12. BOT Albert

    Fragfest 1 - Results

    yayyyyy btw i'm still country banned
  13. BOT Albert

    Fragfest 1 - Results

    How did i get third wtf, i was 2 points away for second too rip Thanks btw <3
  14. BOT Albert

    Best game Ever

    some bugs happen now and then but this one was the weidest one so far, Good Thing I have shadow play now xd
  15. BOT Albert

    Best game Ever

    Can someone explain this shit? I really appreciate it. xd