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  1. Quiting

  2. Youtuber cements his head in a microwave

    Why did he think that was a good idea?!
  3. DEFY Clan Holiday Giveaway!

    Time to try to win games ill never play XD
  4. Resigning

    I hope you can't get a hold of your school problems, sucks seeing you go, but school and your own personal life matters the most. Hope we can see you again if the server isnt dead by then lol
  5. Bye

    Don't you dare you dirty whore. :'(
  6. Hello!

    "A brief description" xD Anyway i hope you enjoy your time on the servers. You'll see me on there mostly. I hope to see you on
  7. The Sex God

    I would agree with emo but who the fuck is that?
  8. The Level System Idea (Mostly TTT)

    The health thing was only an idea. i couldnt think of anything else so i went with that lol. I also think it would be cool if for every time you level up you get a certain amount of credits. I wouldnt make it alot of credits but like a small reasonable amount
  9. The Level System Idea (Mostly TTT)

  10. The Level System Idea (Mostly TTT)

    I had an idea earlier today that i think could be cool. A Level System Have certain levels have certain perks like extra health, or Shop credits multipliers ( Not the Shop with all the Hats and stuff but the Traitor,Inno,Detective Shop) and maybe extra grenade slots for those people that actually use grenades Level 1 : 0-250 kills as T Level 2 : 251-750 kills as T Level 3 : 751-1250 kills as T and so on.... Levels 1-5 : 0% More Health Levels 6-10 : 10% More Health Levels 11-20 : 20% More Health The Health Boost end at level 20 so nobody too op. Even thought how i made it it'll be hard to level up to that level. Levels 1-5 : 1x Credit Multiplier Levels 6-10 : 1.5x Credit Multiplier Levels 11-20 : 2x Credits Multiplier and so on.... You get the point. Let me know what you think of my idea and tell me your opinions. Also tell me what would also be good to add if this Level System is added.
  11. What Should I Add To My Knife

    An engraving of a dick on it
  12. My New Game

    ill make the pro league
  13. Skyscraper.

    Im paying for the computer im using so i cant make changes. and also my family doesnt have alot of money.
  14. hey fellas

    Holy shit. the last time i saw you was when i wasnt even a member.
  15. Skyscraper.

    ive played on the new one. Can only run 5-10 fps on it lol. fuck my graphics card