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  1. $100 Giveaway

    I don't have a lot of friends. But I'm fairly nice. Hope I win. Best of luck to anyone else that enters the giveaway!
  2. $100 Giveaway

    Im gonna go for it. Not Expecting to win though. Im just hoping.
  3. Add me Staff :D

    If I'm even allowed to post this in the forums. For those who haven't already. If you could add this account. http://steamcommunity.com/id/defyjewie2k This is for the staff just incase I need help in one of the servers and it'll make it easier for me to contact fellow staff member. Please and Thanks
  4. Attracting more players.

    On one ttt server I fuck around on, there is a BlackHole Grenade. Which would be really cool. Make it like 15k credits.
  5. JB Rule Idea?

    Camping Medic for a long period of time as a guard. I have seen Guards do this sometimes, but I rarely see it so this post probably doesn't matter. Example: Just imagine me shooting a guard in medic. I suck so I miss most shots but him 3 times and he downs me to 10 hp. he has an unfair advantage (my opinion) because he'll be able to heal easy and I wont (unless there are other places to heal). He kills me and is able to get 100 HP again if I hit him. I think you see my point. | | V Give me shit or hate here.

    How though?!
  7. Idea For TTT

    The Lower the Karma the less Damage you do. Example: 90 Karma = 10% Less Damage. 80 Karma = 20% Less Damage. Ect
  8. I have a problem.

  9. I have a problem.

    I went to my other Jewie2k Account. and got on jb to see if anyone was on. It says im member on the wrong account. i was wondering if it could be fixed. Please and Thanks.
  10. Jewie2k's Introduction :D

    Hello everyone. For those who dont already know me. Ive been on the defyclan servers for almost a month. My Next Goal is to become a Moderator. Just Hoping. Thanks for letting me join DefyClan