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  1. Plz

    Post a bunch of Galil Fragclips below so I can NUT Appreciate You Greatly
  2. I like winning the day :P

  3. Need opinion

    oh yea def scam, my boy breathyvoice got u
  4. Need opinion

    shit i dont have $5 to check it for u but i wouldnt trust it tbh, keep the skins in there just in case u ever have $5 to waste
  5. Attracting more players.

    FaZe Recruiting Here
  6. new blu

    that's a pretty hot shade of blue @Emo Hoe thanks dude. makes me feel confident enough to talk to girls <3
  7. I need a name change

    Definitely like the idea, let Harambe's name rest
  8. Karma Power

    boiiiiii u right
  9. Karma Power

    yea that was a very sad day ?
  10. Karma Power

    I've never really understood how people get karma banned. I had a 360 noscope fight with two people (completely consensual by the way plz no zucc) and got dropped to 80 karma and made that back the next time I logged on. hmm ????
  11. Why am i not in the Member Roster yet?

    lmfao ripp
  12. drac0's Intro

    ok so I can finally react now and this is great HELL YEA Thanks my dude, I'll c y a around defEEE | drac0 says thanks
  13. Whoah

    That great feeling you get when you join a forum and win the day
  14. Good Logo?

    I wanna react to it but I don't know how to do that, so I just wanna tell you that it looks great my guy
  15. DEFY Clan Community Event!

    oooh boy sounds fun