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  1. dre

    Skribbl.io Event


    I forgot to mention this, but I'd prefer if you guys used your defy names just so its easier to track the winners.
  2. dre

    What's the dumbest thing you've ever done?

    did a split on the dicc
  3. dre

    Tell me a fact

    its called the circle of life bc its pointless
  4. dre

    what do yall drive

    2001 Land Rover Discovery, the cute tank that I share with my mommy
  5. dre

    What was your worst injury?

    i haven’t really told anyone this before but i was in the hood for a field trip and i had to go back alone and accidentally walked into crossfire. bullet grazed my leg aND IT FUCKING BURNED DUDE.
  6. dre

    Anyone else addicted to TWICE?

    south korean girl group. they’re pretty good imo. i think they’re good, couldn’t say im addicted but they pop up in my playlists a bit. i wish i could learn the dances without looking odd 😢😪
  7. dre

    The intro to craig.

    hey @Craig, hope to see ya around
  8. dre

    Defy roast

    my name is dre parker and welcome to your disstrack
  9. dre

    Defy roast

    shoutout that boy @pr0fs cause i’m bout to teach ya open ur ears, class bout to reach ya they should pay me more for career revival cause my bars raise the dead, they stand idle wrong place at the wrong time lookin boy just like your crosshair stares at the ground (‘where you lookin boi?’) i’d get on your ass but you’re not on the scoreboard so get out now, i’ll even hold the door boy
  10. dre

    Defy roast

    collab droppin 2019
  11. dre

    Defy roast

    ol roses are red violets are blue ass poem trying to rhyme about jews but you are one talking about frags but you can barely use nades i would finish that last bar but it left me afraid.
  12. dre

    Defy roast

    boi if you dont getcho no swearing on my christian minecraft server lookin ass, yo ‘deditated wam’ soundin ass outta here. goofy ass, you the type of dude to walk down to the hood and tell them to speak proper english, you the type to call someone the same age as you kid on cs because you’re 6 months older. i bet you kiss girls nerd 🤓. @Connor
  13. dre

    Defy roast

    getcho ‘florida man’ goofy ass outta here before you end up on the news doin some goofy shit
  14. dre

    It been awhile

    i’d give u my alt but my alts arent 4 cheaters 😤😤 i miss you though dad come home

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