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  1. I would definitely bring back Eduardon, his detective work was the whole reason I kept playing Defy before I joined
  2. dre

    Comment for TBH

    i’ll jump
  3. dre

    whats good in the hood?

    that’s a really sus statement, we talkin about diccmilcc?
  4. dre

    I just crashed my car.

    like a good neighbor, state farm is there (click this)
  5. dre

    I just crashed my car.

    rip Murcielago
  6. rest up buddy, i’ll miss you.😓

  7. dre

    pdizzle is the new leader of defy clan

    no sir i nominate @Stevey Snowball for Defeeclan Owner
  8. dre

    Hello Everyone!

  9. dre

    Did you know this?

    #667 smh
  10. dre

    give me games to buy

    buy nekopara and hunie pop then invest in the Adventures of Tree
  11. dre

    Serious Question

  12. dre

    Goodbye Defyclan!

    im gonna miss u 6+1 good luck playing every other game than cs i’ll see u on Global Offensive 2 that will have battle royale
  13. dre

    Favorite Games?

    1) CS;GO 2) Osu! 3) A Story about my Uncle 4) Starbound 5) Mortal Kombat X

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