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  1. Dre

    Did you know this?

    #667 smh
  2. Dre

    give me games to buy

    buy nekopara and hunie pop then invest in the Adventures of Tree
  3. Dre

    Serious Question

  4. Dre

    Goodbye Defyclan!

    im gonna miss u 6+1 good luck playing every other game than cs i’ll see u on Global Offensive 2 that will have battle royale
  5. Dre

    Favorite Games?

    1) CS;GO 2) Osu! 3) A Story about my Uncle 4) Starbound 5) Mortal Kombat X
  6. Dre

    The Positive Effects of Metal Music

    rawr xDDD
  7. Dre

    Create your own cards!

    calls: 17 fps and _ I'm not an admin I'm _ It's not _ if its consensual Gonna get HA just to slap _ can't be T if you can't _ yo where tf is _ rest in _ loser responses: no life h*kin garbage Magnifier x Marks the spot Jailbreak
  8. Dre

    A Very Late Intro

    i guesssswss
  9. Dre

    A Very Late Intro

    and here i thought u had to make an intro post to advance thru the ranks hoodini lied
  10. Dre

    DEFYclan Community Event - Brawlhalla

    are there prizes?
  11. Dre

    This needs to happen.

    You both make splendid points. However, in my personal opinion, 'Pickle' would be a much better word to say.
  12. Dre

    Time for Discord!

    the future is now old man discord>ts3 @Emo Hoe
  13. my setup makes me wet this is me replying to a month old post