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  1. K!LO


    @Seven @Zarakattack I unfriended more than half my steam friends bc I'm selling my computer going offline it was a impulse decision. For the past year I have definitely spent huge amounts of time on the servers I've been wanting to stop just didn't know when my the Time was. Grades been dropping so I just decided to sell my computer I can promise all of you guys I have nothing against any of you just trying to slip out the back door didn't want any of you guys to have that steam friend who's always offline.
  2. K!LO


    Hey farewell people, hands down the greatest fucking group of people on csgo. Tonight was probably my last time on the servers just haven't found any interest in csgo lately. Rip rooosha guuudbye https://imgur.com/AUDtpN8 that my biology answers just in case you use the same textbook merry christmas
  3. K!LO

    New players RDMing

  4. blob:https://imgur.com/ebe28e27-
  5. K!LO

    The Carry

    xd I used to play this on that makeshift dust 2 map when I had a 7-day comp ban
  6. K!LO

    TTT Idea

    Pre order emo DLC?
  7. K!LO


    OOf uncle is a bully and welcome Nuggets
  8. K!LO

    TTT Idea

    ...I do nothing's like good ok wipe out or jump rope
  9. K!LO

    Happy Birthday To Me :D

    Oof I'll gamble your skins?
  10. K!LO

    TTT Idea

    @Emo Hoe dragons lair part 2
  11. K!LO


    Yes both jailbreak and ttt have these maps. When they are chosen sometimes it will make people leave like : King Phoenix on jb
  12. K!LO


    ^^^this dood is pretty cool ifunny
  13. K!LO

    For Emo & Albert

    Jewie bad??
  14. K!LO

    Health Grenade?

    Sorry not trying to play 1v1 jailbreak on defy right now
  15. K!LO

    Health Grenade?

    So i was playing on another JB server and i saw this idea of a health nade. So basically warden has one equipped along with Deputy and when they throw it down its like a mobile health station that goes away in like 10 seconds. Here's a screenshot Feedback? https://imgur.com/a/HVz8g