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  1. Auto CT Switch?

    In Jailbreak i noticed the auto switch to ct team. Sometimes this results in players who don't know the rules, don't have mics, or just don't wanna be on CT. Thoughts?
  2. Hi, I didn't see you there.

    Key low not k-eye low
  3. Jb Dojo?

    Does anybody know why dojo isn't a map on jailbreak anymore? For the past three weeks of jailbreak i haven't seen dojo on the server or in !nomination.
  4. Not able to join servers

    Lately i have not been able to join the DEFY servers and have also noticed ones been empty (jailbreak). Every time i try to join jailbreak it says missing map ba_2016_minecraft, and lately ttt says missing map TTT_splash.
  5. K!LO Introduction

    Thanks bro
  6. K!LO Introduction

    Hey first of thanks DEFY Clan for the member acceptance. My name is Cory im 15 been on both jailbreak and TTT for awhile and finally a member
  7. GameTracker Question

    So i've played jailbreak under 3 different names all with K!LO in the name you can look it up on gametracker. But anyway it showed each name with different hours and score they all add up to about 70 hours or so. Would the hours be added up all together or would one name just be used to track my hours? Btw their all the same account.