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  1. spicyravioli

    Favorite tv show

    Posted October 13
  2. spicyravioli

    Tell me a fact

    You're a reprobate
  3. spicyravioli

    What's the dumbest thing you've ever done?

    One time I actually
  4. spicyravioli

    Whats your favorite weapon in CSGO

    1) The Big Iron 2) Sawed-off 3) Big Mac
  5. What is your name, adress, zip code, your credit card number, the security code on the back, and the expiration month/year?
  6. spicyravioli

    what do yall drive

    i drive a fucking honda accord
  7. spicyravioli

    Defy roast

    @Hank_Hell is a druggie degenerate @Dark likes men (gross) @Ch1man has multiple personality disorder @Humding3r plays furry games @Holikwakkemoli talks too much @Fsjal will never be half the man @Garfield is @Gucci_Sam will never be half the man @Fsjal is @Yellow literally has 5 VAC'd accounts @SuperrMatt has an edgy artwork showcase @Puncake no one wants to watch movies with him @exo [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] @Trace is too scared to use a microphone @dre has to worry about getting shot 24/7 @Connor said he was going to leave the clan then immediately came back @pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle sucks at getting people to play JB @Niall_Ferguson is a libtard democrap @PotatoStyle @Bowie and @Mark live in a non-existent country
  8. spicyravioli

    whats your favorite game

    You want better ones, chief? I’ll list them: Deus Ex 1 THIEF System Shock 2 Borderlands 1/2 Elder Scrolls: Morrowind/Oblivion Bioshock 1/2/Infinite Gothic 1/2/3 Civilization V Arma II/Arma III Saints Row 2/3 Mafia 2 Dishonored Any Call of Duty before Black Ops II Any Metal Gear Solid game Any Wolfenstein game
  9. spicyravioli

    whats your favorite game

    you fool
  10. spicyravioli

    whats your favorite game

    You played Fallout 4 huh? Try the superior games, Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. If you have to pick one, pick New Vegas. Hundreds of hours worth of quests, amazing dialogue, interesting locations, great DLC, and choices that actually matter, unlike 4.
  11. spicyravioli

    Your Favorite Class You've Ever Taken?

    A video production class from 7th grade. Got me into film.
  12. spicyravioli

    alright bois its 11pm and im hella bored

    Ted Bundy
  13. spicyravioli

    Civ V

    If anyone wants to join us in a Civilization V session this Friday, let me know. It's preferable if you have all the DLC. So far me @Holikwakkemoliand @Humding3r are good to go.
  14. spicyravioli

    Civ V

    Obtain Sid Meier's Civilization V, person who is overly intellectual, obsessive, introverted or lacking social skills.
  15. spicyravioli

    Who is Your Favorite Admin?

  16. spicyravioli


    To instill the belief in every human that the Armenian Genocide was a falsification
  17. spicyravioli

    The Hubris Project

    I like the main chorus riff. Definitely saw some grunge influences in there.
  18. spicyravioli

    Defylights Thread

    Red Dragon had a rough night
  19. spicyravioli

    Whats was the "incident" at your school?

    One tard wrote a threat on a sticky note saying he was going to bomb the school and got expelled. It was his senior year and he had to make 2000 hand-written letters apologizing to all the students/staff for his foolishness. Another kid fucking wacked off in biology class. He sat in the middle row.
  20. spicyravioli

    SuperrMatt Intro

    Hello there
  21. going to the florida panhandle to visit my redneck relatives and having thanksgiving dinner in a cockroach and bat infested shack that's right next to a railroad where the train flies by at 3 AM at mach 10 and 1000 decibels when I'm trying to sleep.

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