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  1. Trace

    Whats your favorite weapon in CSGO

    The R8 Big Iron
  2. Trace

    what do yall drive

    A 2012 Toyota Sienna. Also,
  3. Trace

    Hello there...

    Welcome to DEFY, most of the NsG lads are good people, so I think you’ll fit in just fine. See you on the servers!
  4. Trace

    The intro to craig.

    Welcome to DEFY Craig, see you on the servers!
  5. Trace

    Defy roast

    @dre has a bad pc lol @Bowie Is a young Mark @Mark Is a old Bowie @PotatoStyle Is really cool and funny but watches too much anime for anyone to find out. @pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle Is a JB admin (all I need to say) @Puncake Bought VIP but never plays @Connor Kisses girls @Dark Stalks men to touch their PP @Niall_Ferguson Lives in a pot hole, and has gay ass hair. @Ch1man used imposter, but it failed! @Zarak Got banned for hacks 100% skill @Blank won't play just because one small thing @Zach S Breaks his PC way too much @Odds Is Mark and Bowie at the same time
  6. Trace

    What was your worst injury?

    Broken ankle, which was worse than it should of been because the cast was put on incorrectly, which has caused me trouble to this day.
  7. Trace


    Nice to meet you Colin, can’t wait to see you on the servers!
  8. Trace

    Defy roast

    @Connor your Aunts hot tub looks like a deformed peanut and your nipples look like my blind dachshunds eyes.
  9. Trace

    Defy roast

    I need this song right now.
  10. Trace

    Defy roast

    @spiccyrabioli u live in the trahs city ohoi.
  11. Trace

    It been awhile

    WOAH WOAH WOAH. Come back you child, I need more JB people to make fun of.
  12. Trace

    Dedicated Players

    I haven't met you until last week, you seem chill and funny. I hope to get to know you better.
  13. Trace

    Dedicated Players

    That's just a joke. It's true I like TTT and MG better than JB, but it's still fun to play. You left?
  14. Trace

    Dedicated Players

    Play the servers more, you seem like a funny guy.
  15. Trace

    Dedicated Players

    I’ve been laying in my bed for that past 2 hours unable to sleep. But this total boredom of being incapable of rest got me thinking. It got me thinking of all the dedicated, nice and overall great people on this server. These people may not all be admins, or “Veterans” to the server, but without that loyal few, the server would be nowhere where it is today. They may be new and knowledgeable of the rules like @incite and @Josh or maybe it’s the guy who is constantly kickstarting the server, even if it’s boring for him like @pr0fs. Even @Connor takes straight up bullshit from players, but plays the servers daily with what seems a happy attitude every time he logs on. Then there’s Admins who somehow manage to be professional and funny at the same time like @PotatoStyle, @Bowie @Mark and @dre. Also there’s the slapstick funny people who you always wish they played more just because they make it that much more entertaining like @spicyravioli, @Dark, @Hank_Hell and a few others. Then there’s the people who impacted you when you joined. For me it was @Duke, @Seven, @Stevey Snowball, @XenoGenesis, @Mr.Happy, @Hexaquan And others that mean a lot to me that I’ll inevitably forget about on this post. Finally there’s the people who put time and effort into the community and servers but may not get recognized all the time like @pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle For kickstarting Jailbreak (as much as I dislike it) @Hoodini for being @pr0fs partner in crime kickstarting TTT and for having donated to this thriving community. Well, I’m getting some sort of tired now, so hopefully this worked. But for real, thanks for everyone who plays on the server, because you’re just making it better by spending some of your time on there. P.S if I missed you, it’s because it’s really fucking late and I don’t have a list of people in my head for DEFY, thanks for reading this though.

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