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  1. Trace

    What Is your favorite drink?

    I grew up with a borderline abusive, drunk druggy brother, so I stay away from any type of alcoholic drinks, but if I’m at a party with a bunch of basic white Chads, I’m not going to turn down a drink.
  2. Trace

    TTT drones

    Yeah, what dark said.
  3. Trace

    1v1 event

    Or you could set a alarm for Sunday 5pm est
  4. Trace

    Defy Weekly 5v5 League

    I’m 100% behind the nightcup. You don’t have to have a dedicated team all show up, you don’t have to have that one OP team that will always win, it’s a extremely even system, nightcup all the way.
  5. Trace

    [TTT] Replace some Items

    I personally use the turret a lot, and I sometimes use the c4 and ice knife, but the others no one uses.
  6. Trace

    What is your opinion on LGBTQ people?

    I’m fine with lesbians, gays and Bisexuals, but when you look at the weird shit like trans and non-binary , It gets harder and harder to get behind.
  7. Trace

    Defy Weekly 5v5 League

    They wouldn’t be divided assuming the number of people that would play. If we did divide teams there would be maybe 3 teams in 3 separate levels.
  8. Trace


    I now know who loogy is, and yes he is the best.
  9. Trace

    Jailbreak suggestion

    Coinflip is a whole separate thing.
  10. Trace

    Best Server Quote(s)?

    Die - Ravioli I'm Gay - Dre Can we ban this kid? - Some Random What the gay? - Potato What a nice man - Dark
  11. Trace

    What made you come back?

    There's a difference between telling the truth and and telling someone to die a rotten fungi rabbit hole, which I get is a joke, and has a comedic value to it, but if 9iron saw that he would be rather hurt. But that's up to him to take a joke to the heart, or take it for what it is, a joke.
  12. Trace


    It only works on some people, like I can upvote @spicyravioli but not @Assassin
  13. Trace

    What made you come back?

    That's just a little rude, and nice at the same time.
  14. Trace

    What made you come back?

    Just laughing at people who played. The people in this community are hilarious and just a blast to play with.
  15. Trace


    I can't upvote, or see where someone upvoted a post anymore. Is this just me or is it removed from the website? I sure hope not, it was a simple way to agree with a post, say that it was funny, or disagree with it without making a response.

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