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  1. Trace

    The Superior Season

    Before I moved, every Summer I went to a spring in North-West Florida called Blue Springs, it had some of the coldest water I've ever swam in. I'm fairly sure there's multiple locations of "Blue Springs" so I don't know if they have some all across Florida.
  2. Trace


    Don’t forget about @benjibaby2, @Dobby, @Connor And @milo
  3. Trace

    TTT Karma

    This would be a very complex system, and I think it’s rather ok the way it is. It’s not like you’ll lose 50 karma from a RDMer, just keep your karma up and be careful so when the RDMer comes, you wont get banned.
  4. Trace

    Greetings and Salutations

    A well said and a well thought out introduction. You seem to be a good guy. Glad to have you part of the community, I think you’ll fit in here great.
  5. Trace

    TTT Menu Fixes

    Random teleports are cheap, and simple to use. It’s just one of the risks of using it such a useful item.
  6. Inquire @spicyravioli, @Dark Or @Hank_Hell about this man.
  7. Trace

    Inspirational quotes

    What’s your favorite quote? My personal favorite is “People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing everyday.” - Norm McDonald while talking to Micheal J. Fox’s great nephew in the literature masterpiece, Romeo and Juliet.
  8. NsG | PrisonBoy was a great man smh. Smh that you’re disrespecting his name smh. smh. smh. smh. smh.
  9. Marty Robbins and Eli Yasui
  10. Trace


    Woah, is this Dark?
  11. Trace

    Favorite Cartoon?

    King of the Hill in honor of our lord and savior @Hank_Hell
  12. thought your were in jail jk, you're my favorite A-list actor/comedian don't leave us.
  13. Trace

    Remove some maps

    Bank has some of the most balanced T traps in the pool, Dolls is, in my opinion, is the best map. But while Richburg isn't the best map, it's still fun to play on.
  14. Trace

    Perminent VIP rank

    You can buy a year instead of paying every month, it’s a good investment.
  15. Trace

    My name is Chauklet

    You seem like a cool guy the few times I’ve played with you, just some people here take things to the heart, so be careful. But this community is amazing and full of loving people, you just need to ignore the 1% and see that there are some genuinely good people here.

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