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  1. Maybe it’s a fast food joint that you love WAY too much. Maybe it’s a local hole in the wall. Maybe it’s a homecooked meal that grandma used to make every thanksgiving. Whatever it is, you have a favorite, especially down in the south where food is a religion. My favorite is a family tradition where we drive almost an hour to this small little seafood place called Grady’s with some of the best fish and shrimp. It’s nostalgic, delicious and a great family experience every time.
  2. We ate some fast food for lunch, and some semi-fancy restaurant that I forgot the name of.
  3. No, we where there for less than a day. We arrived in the late afternoon, and left in the morning.
  4. Oh, if you put it like that, my favorite battle is the battle of the Falklands. It may have not been a very large battle, but for its size of land it was insane at all the people who fought and died for small piece of land that no one lives on.
  5. Trace

    A Wishing Scenario

    I would wish to be always be happy, not extremely happy, just in a good mood. I would also wish to have all my old friends and interweb friends to where we could hang out. Finally I would wish to never get tired of a certain song, it would always make me feel hyped, happy or calmed.
  6. Maybe it’s a grand mansion. Perhaps it’s a cozy house on the beach. Maybe even it’s a welcoming Latvian slave camp. Whatever it is, it should make you feel at home and happy.
  7. You live in Tucson? I went there last summer for my family's summer trip, we went all across Arizona.
  8. If you got to bring 3 people from DEFY onto a desert island, who would they be? Who would be the best at cooking? Who would be the best at building a shelter? Who is funny as hell? Remember these aspects as you choose.
  9. Trace

    Your dream house/location.

    I personally would love a cozy little cabin in the Canadian wilderness, then in the winter go down south in “fun” house.
  10. Maybe it's some underrated independent movie, maybe it's a blockbuster movie. Maybe it's a classic TV show from the 60s. Perhaps it's a current running TV show, if it's not any of these you either live under a rock or live in Slap Out, Alabama where there is just about nothing.
  11. Trace

    Goodbye Defyclan!

    Become a Minecraft admin
  12. Trace

    Favorite Sport

    Tennis (I played when I was younger) I love watching most of my family yell at college football in the fall. I kinda enjoy watching my high schools football program, they’ve done good the handful of games I’ve been to. My cousin won some golf tournament, it seems like a cool sport so I guess I like it.
  13. Maybe you played on the server for 6 hours and never got bored. Maybe you played a comp game with some people from DEFY. But however it happened, everyone has one.
  14. I know there are some car people here like @Bowie and @RicklePick, but what is your normal or not so normal car/dream car? I myself drive a 2012 Toyota Mini-Van. It’s exiting with the thousands upon thousands of miles and a broken air conditioning.
  15. Trace

    Defylights Feedback

    I like this very much.
  16. Trace

    Your favorite TV show or Movie.

    One of my all time favorites is the TV show Friends. Just the great jokes, romance and story is unbeatable. Also there is plenty of content, so by the time you finish it, you can restart it and still have fun watching it. EDIT: Lost is another good one.
  17. Trace

    Aye ya'll lemme get an opinion

    Says the VIP and full VR set guy.
  18. My personal favorite moment is playing chain chomp 10 times in a row on minigames with @spicyravioli and @Hank_Hell
  19. Trace

    Aye ya'll lemme get an opinion

    I think they look nice. Other than the price.
  20. Trace

    Your car or dream car.

    This was actually a good post. Most of the time all I expect from you is memes, but this was a great post that intrigued me.
  21. Trace

    Your car or dream car.

    Both have bad MPG but look pretty damn cool.
  22. Trace

    The best gmae ever made

    I love his Irish accent.
  23. Trace

    Your car or dream car.

    Yes, the URL had to be that long to contain Garfield.
  24. Trace

    Your car or dream car.

    May I recommend taking the speaker out of this beautiful contraption and placing it in your automobile for your car speakers? https://www.ebay.com/i/222976381641?chn=ps&ul_ref=https%253A%252F%252Frover.ebay.com%252Frover%252F1%252F711-117182-37290-0%252F2%253Fmpre%253Dhttps%25253A%25252F%25252Fwww.ebay.com%25252Fi%25252F222976381641%25253Fchn%25253Dps%2526itemid%253D222976381641%2526targetid%253D313776934696%2526device%253Dm%2526adtype%253Dpla%2526googleloc%253D1012993%2526poi%253D%2526campaignid%253D833559251%2526adgroupid%253D39417365901%2526rlsatarget%253Dpla-313776934696%2526abcId%253D1123856%2526merchantid%253D101747065%2526pt%253D%2526gclid%253DEAIaIQobChMI5Kibu4L_3QIVSlcNCh2IYw5xEAkYASABEgKdK_D_BwE%2526srcrot%253D711-117182-37290-0%2526rvr_id%253D1700304050478%2526rvr_ts%253D64650e991660aadc2ef693b8fffd8bb9

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