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  1. tracelocke


  2. tracelocke

    Emo gay

    Emo is bae
  3. tracelocke

    Intro for Maine Coon

    Great! I meet you once and you seemed nice..... Anyway welcome back!
  4. tracelocke

    Happy Birthday Emo

    Nerd <3
  5. tracelocke

    Defy In Chinese

  6. tracelocke

    What happened to Duke?

    I miss my 2nd favorite admin....
  7. tracelocke

    What happened to Duke?

    I miss my 2nd favorite admin....
  8. tracelocke

    intro SyCoGamer

    If I RDM you it doesn't mean I don't like you, it just means I'm trying to get banned. So If you hop on the TTT server, try to avoid me. Anyway welcome!
  9. tracelocke

    gucci gang but not shit

    This is art. Plain and simple.
  10. tracelocke

    My New Game

    I'm oddly hype for TPS
  11. tracelocke

    1v1 no longer active.

    Woah it people are playing other servers now.... I'm happy now....
  12. tracelocke

    DEFY Here i come!!!!!

    Before my short time on this server, but I've seen you once and you seemed cool!
  13. tracelocke

    Handicapped coming back

    Andddddd doesn't play the server 1 week after he says this
  14. tracelocke

    Seven's Pictures | Set Còig(The Overdue Edition)

    That osprey looks like what I think Never Done looks like.
  15. tracelocke

    1v1 no longer active.

    1v1 was active for the first week..... And that's it. I really love the 1v1 server at some points because it's not very loud, unlike TTT, which most of the time has over 12 people and gets a little loud. I also dislike when all the admins are on one server, when there are 3 non-members on the other server. We could recruit a lot better if admins reached out to random players who join 1v1 or JB wanting to play more or even join. Anyway about 1v1, 1v1 players are, most of the time, non-members who are testing out new servers and want to find fun, active and friendly servers to play on, therefore if there are 5 admins all on at once on the same server, it would be great to see for one admin to just maybe sit in JB or 1v1 for a few minutes, so non-members are more likely to join the server. Also If I see anyone in the JB or 1v1 server I'll join you because people who see 1 person may think they're afk, but with 2 there is a less chance of 2 people being afk, making people want to join the server. Now I have seen admins Like Stevey, Seven and Emo go on the JB server, and even Zarak and Jewie go on the 1v1 server, but still I would like to see all the servers more active, not just TTT. Also maybe if you add a little betting spice, 1v1 will go active again. Maybe. Just maybe.