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  1. Defy clan tags

    If you is Never Done it is never required. gotem.
  2. I'm Fucking Insane

    That Silver 1 Spray, recovered by the jumping 1 tap, Well Played...
  3. Need your opinion on something

    Should be for Staff Only, Imo.
  4. Leaving

    guess ima just make this short for anyone interested. Im leaving DEFY, goodluck to Everyone. Many reasons Why but thats not something im going to get started here. Goodbye. -Krim
  5. Updated Intro to Emo

    'Likes Heavy Metal and Screamo' Links Linkin Park and Papa Roach. GET OUT.
  6. All About Krim

    Respect ;p

    Warned, you're doing a very small giveaway purposely to get unfair Rep, that you didn't really deserve. Don't do this again, I understand it's a giveaway but having them rep you for no reason is not part of a giveaway if you're trying to do it unselfishly like it should be.
  8. All About Some_Person

    10/10 would meme agian.
  9. Afk freeze and knifing

    AFK Freeze resticts EVERYTHING. point blank, now any other Command, besides afk freeze must follow rule 5.6
  10. What music do you like?

    I enjoy pretty much everything, besides rap. I lean more towards country(old and some new) and alot of screamo type of music. (System of a down, Neck Deep, Attila. etc.)
  11. Map Rule

    It will remain a exploit and end in punishment. If you really want guns that badly, rebel for them. Same with your point about electric razor. You LEGITIMATELY rebel on that and get guns the right way. not by throwing a nade in armory. end of Discussion.
  12. !Math Issue

    Exploiting can i guess be a kick or slay. Slay works best because of the fact they sit a full round out not 10 seconds.
  13. !Math Issue

    Either way, mark is correct, you can see if who answered is first but it is exploiting and most staff know to slay the person the following round for doing that.
  14. How Long

    For things like this it will be only be 4 hours. Not a week like everything else.
  15. Topic Bumping

    I didn't think it would be necessary to make this post because its a pretty obvious thing but some people are still doing it after warnings, So let's just address this here to save anymore confusion. Topic bumping/necrobumping. Topic/necrobumping : Replying to a 'dead'/'un-relevant' topic to make it go back up on the forums for more to see. If it is dead/un-relevant PLEASE don't post a worthless comment / quote something on a topic that is outdated. I have already started to give out warning points for it on the forums, and i feel its something you really shouldn't be doing. To avoid doing this check date's of original post / check last comment date. If it's over a week to two weeks its probably not worth commenting on. - Sincerely Krim.