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  1. Hoodini

    what do yall drive

    2011 toyota camry
  2. Hoodini

    Dedicated Players

    Trace we love you too
  3. Hoodini


    Executive Admin
  4. Hoodini

    Who is Your Favorite Admin?

    Krim obviously
  5. Hoodini

    Desert Island Scenario

    #1 Emo so he can do my math homework while I'm surviving. #2 Martha, because I'm gunna need food and water, and watermelon can provide both. #3 BOT Albert, because he's a cutie. Diversity eh?
  6. Hoodini

    Josh introduction

    Welcome to the club pal
  7. Hoodini

    M E M E S

    Follow my instagram meme page: https://www.instagram.com/daddys___darlings/ Might give some defy shoutouts so we can get some new peeps.
  8. Hoodini

    Hello Everyone!

    Anime and the military? New Xeno?????
  9. Hoodini


    What's up fellas, I'm back. My name is Hoodini, a lot of you already know me, but a lot of the newer players don't. I was a head admin wayyyyy back in the day, but had to leave because I didn't really have time to get the hours needed for staff. But now I'm not as busy, so I figured I'd come back and help out as much as I can.
  10. Hoodini

    best nosc in TTT to date

    Ninja Defuse KennyS?
  11. Hoodini

    16th Birthday

    happy birthday my guy
  12. Hoodini


    Me getting boned by Mark
  13. Hoodini

    hey fellas

    whoops I lied again
  14. Hoodini


    https://gyazo.com/bba774a0272f3cc29e601c9797d1519c This makes me a sad boi. Rememberin the good ol days.

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