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  1. Hoodini

    M E M E S

    Follow my instagram meme page: https://www.instagram.com/daddys___darlings/ Might give some defy shoutouts so we can get some new peeps.
  2. Hoodini


    What's up fellas, I'm back. My name is Hoodini, a lot of you already know me, but a lot of the newer players don't. I was a head admin wayyyyy back in the day, but had to leave because I didn't really have time to get the hours needed for staff. But now I'm not as busy, so I figured I'd come back and help out as much as I can.
  3. Hoodini

    Hello Everyone!

    Anime and the military? New Xeno?????
  4. Hoodini

    best nosc in TTT to date

    Ninja Defuse KennyS?
  5. Hoodini

    16th Birthday

    happy birthday my guy
  6. Hoodini


    Me getting boned by Mark
  7. Hoodini


    https://gyazo.com/bba774a0272f3cc29e601c9797d1519c This makes me a sad boi. Rememberin the good ol days.
  8. Hoodini

    hey fellas

    whoops I lied again
  9. Hoodini

    hey fellas

    wassup fellas? I think imma start playing again, i miss you faggots.
  10. Hoodini

    My Favorite Bands

    Metallica is ok. I'm more into less edgy boy rock +rep 8/10
  11. Hoodini

    hey fellas

    heh, I lied that time, but imma actually come back
  12. Hoodini

    Favourite retired / resigned Staff

    wow what about me bro
  13. Hoodini

    Rules Update 7/28/2017

    I have implemented a major overhaul to the explanations section to the jailbreak rules. I mainly focused on putting all of the prison games into 4 major categroies: map, opinionated, elimination, and event days. Here they are: I also added a definition for designated areas: Prisoner Designated Areas: These are any areas that were meant for only prisoners or where the warden has ordered the prisoners to go. This includes: Prison cells, warden beacons, and any other areas the warden has designated for the prisoners. And finally to compliment the new game categories, I added a new rule to Warden Violation: You may not play a game from the same category twice in a row (see prison games explanation) besides map games. These new changes should vastly improve the issue we've been having with playing the same type of game every round. Please comment on this post with any questions or suggestions you may have.
  14. Hoodini


    why tf did you post it..
  15. Hoodini

    Rules Update 8/15/17

    Add this to the delaying section in general rules: All T rooms in TTT count as one area, even if it's not the same room. Also added Event Days to Jailbreak definitions: Event Days: These are special rounds that can either be started via players voting for them, or manually by the warden. If an event is started manually by a warden, the event lasts for the entire round, even if the warden dies.
  16. The afterlife has been a long-lived existential question that man kind has never been able to fully answer, but with hours of research and countless interviews with medical professionals I am confident to say that mankind's oldest question has finally been answered. After you die, usually you would be taken to a mortuary where you would be either prepared for showing at a wake, or cremated and put into a container for your loved ones to keep. The part that they do not tell you is that they first link your brain and cardiovascular tissue to a filtration device that circulates oxygenated blood to the brain long enough to upload your memories to Jagex servers. Once sufficient detail is collected from your brain, the device is disconnected and your body is taken care of as normal. The information obtained by Jagex attaches crucial bits of your appearance and personality to a unique character model. The server then uploads your character model into the RuneScape 2007 server database where you begin on tutorial island. You then play along side other players in real-time until you die in the wildy with your full mith armor and spawn in Lumbridge because that shit sucks and it took you at least 3 hours to farm the 10k you were holding.
  17. Hoodini

    Special someone?

    I'm panmetrotransantiquadrasexual
  18. Hoodini

    Favorite Head Admin

    damn right ill eat your ass
  19. Hoodini

    Rules Update 7/1/17

    Added the following Traitorous acts to TTT: Not following detectives orders Damaging health stations
  20. Hoodini

    Favorite video game company?

    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhh where tf is gamestop?
  21. Hoodini

    Rules Update 6/30/17

    I've added a definition for camping now: Staying in an area for longer than 30 seconds is considered camping. We've changed the punishment for ban evading to: 1st time - Double the original ban 2nd time - Permaban Added the following to Warden violation because it wasn't there for some reason: Order is invalid if... The game was played the previous round. Added the following to Cheating in LR No healing is implied unless specified otherwise.
  22. Hoodini

    Secret use during LR

    If you are actually doing the LR you can go anywhere on the map, even if you are a the CT. If you are going into the secret without permission before you start the LR, then you can be killed.
  23. Hoodini

    Emo x Xeno Fanfic


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