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  1. I mean whenever I'm T and my T buddy gets KOS'd by like 5-6 people. there's literally no harm in also calling a KOS. everyone already knows he's a T. and it helps in the long run to say we'll I called a KOS so I must be Inno. maybe the rules could be changed around a bit or something.
  2. Foxtrot

    Best Server Quote(s)?

    Put the bag in the money!!! -Foxtrot
  3. After logging off the server for the first time. what made you come back and play again? Was it the people? The game modes? The community?
  4. Foxtrot

    TTT Chat Limit

    Honestly I like this feature a lot. of course I haven't been able to test it out yet. but the mic spam is a pretty big reason on why I don't play TTT that often. it's super annoying when 4-5 players are all talking at the same time about random stuff. when I join TTT. it's not to play the game. it's to talk to members and my friends. I feel with a little fine tuning this plugin will work great for when people are mic spamming or talking about nonsense.
  5. Foxtrot

    the day i dipped

    I'll miss you Dre. I hope you hop on every once in a while so we can catch up
  6. Foxtrot


    I'll still Ddoss you my guy
  7. Foxtrot


    Title pretty much says it all. i had a shitload of fun playing on these servers but i'm bored now. BIG shout out to Eriden, Jewie2k, Seven, Dobby, Zara, for being dope ass people to hang out with. Peace

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