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  1. WitchyLadyNurse


    I'll still Ddoss you my guy
  2. WitchyLadyNurse


    Title pretty much says it all. i had a shitload of fun playing on these servers but i'm bored now. BIG shout out to Eriden, Jewie2k, Seven, Dobby, Zara, for being dope ass people to hang out with. Peace
  3. WitchyLadyNurse

    how did u get ur name

    Watch way to much mlp and Luna is my favorite Character so I chose this name
  4. WitchyLadyNurse

    Princess Luna's Introduction

    My Real Names Neil I have Blue eyes brown hair and I'm white I am a huge MLP fan as you can see I spend way to much time playing CS. I am single I can name about 75% of the MLP characters off by heart. If you have any other questions about me or my introduction please ask thx

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