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  1. Thrasher

    Im back

    I'm back ye boy nug nug
  2. Thrasher

    Favorite Song / Musician

    44 is not half bad
  3. Thrasher

    Favorite Song / Musician

    I like listening to X's newest songs like sad! and changes but I also like listening to Lil skies, Rich Bryan,Trippie, ski mask, and smoke purp Songs Uka Uka Trippie Redd Look alive Drake The Bees Nees Ski mask 44 Logic !sad XXX changes XXX Lust Lil Skies Red Roses Lil Skies Lettuce sandwhich Lil skies VERY SCARY KILLY Powerglide Swae Lee 18 Joji Trippie Rich Bryan/chigga Kris wu Blank I like ur taste in music
  4. Thrasher

    Artistic help

    Perfect my friend
  5. Thrasher

    Artistic help

    oooooo ninja make me one pls @Ninja
  6. Thrasher

    my singing

    I don't need to see the video I got a live performance
  7. Thrasher

    Emo gay

  8. Thrasher


    wait is this maui the bottom fragger? or Hydrus? Edit: Never mind I just saw your member application Wait you're the guy who was telling me about how you got VAC banned on your other account lmaooooo
  9. Thrasher


    wow its ninja the squeaker and the bhop god
  10. Thrasher


    ill be gone for a while so get on TTT and ill give someone all my credits
  11. Thrasher

    Happy Birthday Emo

    Emo is a fuckboy for trace I just like bullying u lmaoo
  12. Thrasher

    Happy Birthday Emo

    hehe emo thought he could hide it... @Emo Hoe
  13. Thrasher

    Another Pink Introduction

    The silver 1 is back Welcome back Eridan
  14. Thrasher

    Comp Team?

    I would wanna join but I suck worse than jewie
  15. Thrasher


    Welcome Fauxe!

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