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  1. credits?

    ill be gone for a while so get on TTT and ill give someone all my credits
  2. Happy Birthday Emo

    Emo is a fuckboy for trace I just like bullying u lmaoo
  3. Happy Birthday Emo

    hehe emo thought he could hide it... @Emo Hoe
  4. Another Pink Introduction

    The silver 1 is back Welcome back Eridan
  5. New way of identifying T-buddy is just bad

    I agree, personally I have been seeing a lot of players accidentally killing there T buddy.
  6. More Maps in the Map Pool

    yes bring back terror train and closequaters. My personal favourites
  7. Introduction

    Welcome Fauxe!
  8. I might Return if People want me to -Bowie

    come back bowie
  9. The Raffling system is great

    Just don't raffle when me or Stevey are on
  10. Gummy Introduction

    weebs are cool, and welcome to defie
  11. gucci gang but not shit

    YBN Nahmir's version of Gucci gang is way better xD
  12. Question about Credits

    I'm just a master raffle @Hexaquan
  13. Question about Credits

    Recently I have lost over 200 credits because I raffled when the map changed or the server crashed. Could we make it so that when a map is changed by RTV that we get a refund on credits, or keep the raffle when the map changes.
  14. xD

    I'm Curious