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  1. Bowie

    Your favorite TV show or Movie.

    moana is the best i love that movie and the best show is shameless
  2. Bowie

    Favorite Sport

    mines football but i like all sports
  3. best part is gambling with xeno make us money tell i lost 1200 and then lost 500 after that
  4. Bowie

    Your car or dream car.

    i got a 2008 ford escape and my dream car i would say i have more then one ill be happy with 4 of them . mk4 supra, wrx sti, r34 skyline and a 350z my dream supercar would be mclaren P1
  5. tough one -Xeno I got like 7
  6. Bowie


  7. Bowie


  8. Bowie

    hello there

  9. i want to make the mg server big so we need players on it take a break from ttt and come play. i would like to say that i would love if they added more maps to mg i would come back to the defy clan but only play on the mg. it nevers has anyone on it so i wanna say lets make it have people and not just sit there and have 0 people on. remove that other maps and add only the jump maps not the battle maps
  10. did somthing to my pc and now i cant run csgo -.- i didnt say i didnt miss u i was in a rush when i made this
  11. I wanna just say that the reason i left was to take a break from csgo. I do miss it but i just got a little mad that i made 1200 from the game and lost it in 2 seconds. Im just here to see who would love me to come back and chill like the good old days. ps. i miss xeno and emo
  12. Bowie

    About Bowie

    wrx sti supra skyline 350z
  13. Bowie

    About Bowie

    thank you, what other cars do u like potatostyle
  14. Bowie

    About Bowie

    my name is bowie i love to game on free times away from work as i work in contracting really not fun but u got to do what u gotta do. im 20 know my ways around a pc inside and out as i slowly upgrade my pc that i bought. the first thing i wanna do is upgrade my video card to a higher one then i have. next i guess is a car {WRX STI} as its my fav car. not really much to say other then that i like defy cuz for me it has the right amount of people and staff that come on when theres a problem.

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