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  1. A Very Late Intro

    Yes, could you teach me how to play ttt?
  2. Things are picking back up

    Yeah, this is pretty exciting ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) There are almost always at least 8-10 people on the server at any given time. Hope more randoms apply.
  3. A Very Late Intro

    I think I'm the only staff member without a Intro... So here it is. I really have nothing to introduce sooo... I'm just gonna say Hi (^Also the lamest Intro ever)
  4. This needs to happen.

    I "strongly" agree. It is the duty of all staff to say cucumber at least once. Say it or demote!
  5. PUBG Mobile Scoreboard Screenshot

    Sure those aren't bots? I've heard that people under level 10 encounter a lot more bots than real people in game. But anyways, congrats!
  6. Time for Discord!

    Rip ts, and also, It would be great if everyone could take 10 seconds out of their day to change the input mode from voice detection to push to talk.
  7. TTT Inactivity

    It's just that not many Defy members are on (or at least from what I can see) It started this week I believe, people are probably just busy with something, it will come back, it always does
  8. Cancelled

    Welp your probably there now. Feels like your traveling time when you read ^^^^^ Hope you have fun.
  9. Fragfest 1 - Results

    When u place 12th but get 0 credits. Feels bad
  10. New way of identifying T-buddy is just bad

    Why did we replace the old way of seeing you T-buddy (outline) to just seeing a t on top of their head? This new way doesn't add anything new and makes it harder to identify your t_buddy. Without the outline, you won't know where your buddy is and might kill them accidentally. (I have killed other T's and other T's have killed me because of this) I do not see anything wrong with the old system (If there is pls tell me) and there are absolutely no advantages for the new system. Reverting it back to the old way would make playing T a lot more enjoyable.