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  1. Attack Of The Animos

    That's a lot of people without the correct DEFY name, or impersonating.
  2. Return of Psycho??

    yes come back mr psycho
  3. Ultimate VAC T Round

  4. Favorite Song / Musician

    My favorite song right now is probably Dig by Mudvayne, My favorite band at the moment is Disturbed
  5. Fragfest 1 - Results

    Congrats to our winners, and thanks to everyone who participated! Also, if you're playing in the 2v2 tournament, be sure to sign up here! If we don't have 4 teams at least, the event will be cancelled! Prizes for Fragfest will be distributed by the end of the week. "Ender has big hacks" - Seven
  6. Sliver Spray

  7. Rule Update 3/2/18

    Added to Traitor Rule Violations: Karma farming: Do not give your T status away to a low karma player in order to help them raise their karma This was added to prevent people who should be karma banned from preventing their own bans. It also prevents T-baiting like this, and causing people to become karma banned. Removed from Innocent Rule Violations: You may not call a KOS off of sound or location This was done to encourage more strategic play and put less restrictions on how strategy is handled. Karma is meant to handle failure to identify T's correctly, not admins.
  8. King of the World

    So one of my friends put out a rap EP called "King of the World", and I highly recommend you guys check it out and give him some love.
  9. AMA

    are you hacking
  10. 2v2 Tournament

    Grab your friends, and get ready to win some credits: The DEFY 2v2 tournament is coming on (1 month after post). Gameplay: Each game will consist of the basis of the Wingman gamemode Maps that will be played include Inferno, Cobblestone, Train, Shortdust, and Rialto Maps will be picked randomly All matches except the final will be BO1 games, while the final will be BO3 We will use a typical bracket system for matches Team count If team count does not evenly amount to a power of 2, (2, 4, 8, 16, etc.) seeding will be used The team with the lowest average Matchmaking ranks will be playing first, with the higher ranks receiving bye's if necessary. Prizes: 1st Place - Bronze VIP/month each player 2nd Place 1000 credits each player 3rd/4th Place: 500 credits each player Requirements: Install TeamSpeak Sign up on the forums Signup at https://goo.gl/forms/1S7QHjQPIVEjD1ov1. All matches will be streamed on the DEFY twitch at (https://www.twitch.tv/defyclan_com), with casting and everything you love in a CS match! Get to practicing, we hope to see you there! Signup will be available at https://goo.gl/forms/1S7QHjQPIVEjD1ov1. Be sure to join the TeamSpeak at ts.defyclan.com If you don't have it, you can download TeamSpeak here IF WE DO NOT HAVE AT LEAST 4 TEAMS REGISTERED 1 WEEK BEFORE THE EVENT, THE TOURNAMENT WILL BE CANCELLED AND NO PRIZES WILL BE GIVEN OUT. Be sure to sign up here
  11. Fragfest

    Fragfest will be a community event that will test your skills against other DEFY players! Fragfest will be an event consisting of two teams versus each other in defusal mode! And there will be prizes for the best performers! Setup Defusal mode (maps will change, but will most likely consist of various No team size limit: Could range from 5v5 to 20v20 Maps will include a mix of workshop and official maps. Prizes Individual prizes are awarded to the top performers throughout the event, measured by their point values. 1st - 1000 credits 2nd: 500 credits 3rd: 250 credits Team prizes are awarded when a team wins a map. Maps are played to 10 rounds. 25 credits per player, per win. And if you don't have a partner for the 2v2 tournament, maybe you can find one at Fragfest! We hope to see you at the event! Be sure to join the TeamSpeak at ts.defyclan.com If you don't have it, you can download TeamSpeak here
  12. I'm cold

    My basement has little to no heat and my parents won't let me get a space heater cause they're worried I'm gonna burn the house down. But I wouldn't blame them, it'd probably happen by accident.
  13. IM BACK

    welcome back daddy I hope you're not gonna be DUNN with us again!
  14. Community Event 1 - Fragfest

    We get a good old randomizer.

    called it