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  1. Magma

    Game Ideas

    I'm looking for game ideas to practice with Unity and Unreal Engine and shit. Anyone got any suggestions?
  2. Magma


    didn't they name a nova skin after you
  3. Magma


    sniff sniff i smell much hack
  4. Magma

    Server Stats

    Score takes into account the shit you actually do on the server. If you sit AFK and do jack shit, you shouldn't be on top. Score equalizes this.
  5. Magma

    Did you know this?

    I'm aware. Also userid 5 is non-existent.
  6. Magma

    yeet i'm back

    how am i just seeing this now trace back on instagram too?
  7. Magma


    is that the real trace
  8. Magma

    give me games to buy

    House Party CSGO Rust SMITE Minecraft
  9. Magma

    DEFY Moving Forward

  10. If anyone has any suggestions for events to take place in Tall Person Simulator, please submit them here. https://goo.gl/forms/HwDIoZpDle6hlKHg2
  11. Magma


    what the fuck is a physics
  12. Magma


    why is my basement always freezing except for the day I'd like it to be cold plz send air conditioning
  13. Magma

    Do you remember me?

    Nah he was on jailbreak and you never played Jailbreak religiously
  14. Magma

    Do you remember me?

    I know half of y'all who voted yes are fucking liars Potato and Seven definitely weren't here when he was active, Ender might have been idk
  15. Got 57th in the state of Illinois today, feels good man. Got two medals over the course of the season, and props to my lovely calculators for carrying my ass