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  1. This needs to happen.

    I like pickles. I like di- I mean cucumbers.
  2. Hi :D

    @Seven your voice is too high pitched to have a grandson (jk love you dad)
  3. I have returned.

    Done with finals, here to smash.
  4. Where'd my staff app go?

  5. Why is six afraid of seven

    Or maybe because Seven was abused as a child, causing his mind to be forever scarred by the thoughts of his parents utter neglect for his safety and well-being, causing his current state of mind to be unstable. Also could be because Seven was recently taken advantage of by several wonderful African-American gentlemen, and is looking to pass on the favor.
  6. Rickle Pick Be out here

    Dude I got you send me ur address, social security number, credit card number and PIN, and a picture of your passport and drivers license
  7. Why is six afraid of seven

    It's because @Seven abuses others for his/her own benefit. Or maybe its just because of his extremely high pitched voice.
  8. When your team sucks

    @Jewie2k I'm pretty sure our game was even shittier.
  9. The Best Part About CS:GO and TS is...

    Emo looks about 30 years younger than I thought he was. BTW that lord cloak is HOT.
  10. Why?

    Why can we not see our OWN admin application? Cuz, you know, I'm nervous. I already know the outcome, but I wanna be at least a little bit hopeful.

    I think you mean Traitor Rule Violations my guy
  12. TRY ME HOES. i CAN DO ANYTHING (even if it takes me a moment)
  13. What commands come with member?

    That's what I meant with the quotation marks.
  14. What commands come with member?

    @Buttz Try not to "ask" for upvotes in your posts. It tends to piss people off more than usual.
  15. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy our community!