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  1. Matamir

    What Should I Add To My Knife

    An actual blade?
  2. Matamir

    Difference Between Sus and High Sus

    Aight. Thanks for the clarification!
  3. Matamir

    Nice little AWP ace

    *cough* tryhard *cough* lel. Nice ace
  4. Matamir

    Difference Between Sus and High Sus

    Is there any difference between sus and high sus? Or is that just something that the players started doing without any rule behind it?
  5. Matamir


    I did no such thing! YOU spelled it wrong!
  6. Matamir


  7. Matamir

    TTT Idea

    I can kinda make maps. Like I know how to make some simple things, and i can make windows and hidden rooms. But idk how to make it so only T can open the rooms. If anyone knows how, I can make the base of the Map.
  8. Matamir

    My New Game

    Macro transactions?
  9. Matamir

    Difference Between Sus and High Sus

    Would someone explain the difference to me. I know that you can kill after 2 if its high sus. Thanks!
  10. Matamir


    what GPU you got?
  11. Matamir


    Yo hows it going? My name is Матамир Путин but you can call me: Russian Man. Dobby is a noob and Never Done > Zarackattack. Thats all I'm gonna say.