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  1. IcePack

    Goodbye Defyclan!

    Why was I not @'d first? @seven
  2. IcePack

    Rip to my friends

    unless you want me back and send me nudes plus give me Assistant Mark. thx bb
  3. IcePack

    Rip to my friends

    uhhh I didnt see your name up there? thanks Seven there is a simple solution come on pubg everyday with me AND PLAY. I got to much work ALLLLL THE TIME to be staff no more my g, love you <3
  4. IcePack

    Should I Retire?

  5. IcePack

    Emo Gay

    funniest part is how gay he is its insane
  6. IcePack

    Handicapped coming back

    im literally your dad.
  7. IcePack

    Attracting more players.

    Easy way to attract players, everyone who does not bow down to us gets banned instantly.
  8. IcePack

    Attracting more players.

    I think if we gave everyone admin it would make people join
  9. IcePack

    Proof i shouldnt be GN4

    yeah mge with your HACKS
  10. IcePack

    Google CSGO

    I feel like they would actually try
  11. IcePack

    Google CSGO

    I don't know why but I thought of this does anyone else agree with me that if google made csgo it would be better and not just for money, like they would actually work on things that matter and not just cases and gun sounds. I feel like they would actually make a good game for once.
  12. IcePack

    I'm Fucking Insane

    you wish we both droped 32 and i got a picture of it xd
  13. IcePack

    I'm Fucking Insane

    Hacker.mp4 u dumbtard
  14. IcePack

    So let's talk about Duke's abuse in TS

    Lol, "User joined your channel" "User has been slayed from your channel" "User has been banned from your channel"
  15. IcePack

    So let's talk about Duke's abuse in TS

    If this is a real issue you shouldn't have posted it and talked to mark.

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