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  1. Attracting more players.

    Easy way to attract players, everyone who does not bow down to us gets banned instantly.
  2. Attracting more players.

    I think if we gave everyone admin it would make people join
  3. Proof i shouldnt be GN4

    yeah mge with your HACKS
  4. I'm Fucking Insane

    you wish we both droped 32 and i got a picture of it xd
  5. I'm Fucking Insane

    Hacker.mp4 u dumbtard
  6. Jb Dojo?

    reason "played to much play other maps"
  7. So let's talk about Duke's abuse in TS

    Lol, "User joined your channel" "User has been slayed from your channel" "User has been banned from your channel"
  8. So let's talk about Duke's abuse in TS

    If this is a real issue you shouldn't have posted it and talked to mark.
  9. Retirement

    he carried u cause ur silver
  10. trying to be a mod

    Apply HERE
  11. How to Keep Jailbreak Interesting

    Game would also be more fun if everyone wasn't a nazi 24/7. Instead lay off and try to have fun not just kill them for little things.
  12. Never Donk is a God

    that game is broken what are those last 2 SILVER?!?
  13. guess whos back. back again

    you still havent showed me ur dick pussy
  14. Steam Account Giveaway?

    Thinking about giving away a csgo account. It's non prime, Gold nova 2. 63 hrs With Golf with friends, if your interested post some shit and I will give it away I don't even play on it anymore.
  15. Sling man.

    so did it cure your gayness?