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  1. Dark

    pdizzle is the new leader of defy clan

    Mark, your tyranny ends here. No more shall we be oppressed by your love and hard work for this clan. The power must go to the people to being the servers down in popularity once more, we must pave a new beginning for DEFYclan. #MakeDefyShittyAgain
  2. Dark

    pdizzle is the new leader of defy clan

    Viva la revolutión. Down with the establishment!
  3. Dark

    Hello Everyone!

    He already did
  4. Dark

    16th Birthday

    Still have my permit. No licence yet because I'm lazy af
  5. Dark

    16th Birthday

    Wish me a Happy Birthday or else.
  6. Dark

    Hello Everyone!

    hey cutie
  7. Dark


    Too hot for DEFY. Delete this.
  8. Dark

    Favorite Game

  9. Dark


    @the entire clan This man is medium-sized homo. He is not to be trusted. Love, Your Friendly neighbourhood Dark.
  10. Dark


    It's best not to ask questions. 😉
  11. Dark

    Hi I am DaChinesePanda or call me Edwin (real name)

    Who are you again?
  12. Dark

    Hi im num

    Whale cum to Defie Clan
  13. Dark

    Where the time go

    Nobody cares. Go back to bed kiddo lmao
  14. Dark

    Computer is messed up again

    Did you try turning it off and on again?
  15. Dark

    hello there

    kill yourself ironically

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