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  1. The Positive Effects of Metal Music

    haha i know. But if you see a kid on TV who cites Rob Halford as an inspiration for mass murder, I guess I told you so! /s in all seriousness, that was a good read
  2. The Positive Effects of Metal Music

    >implies nu metal is the only genre of metal >implies metal is just for edgy emotional teenagers >implies metallica, judas priest, black sabbath, slayer, etc. either don't exist or are too unimportant to even mention >implies metal is always dark, menacing, and political Good job, Emo. (looks like someone has never listened to Dio
  3. Create your own cards!

    Calls: Krim decided to ban me because I _ during a round. Its not gay if you _. When admins aren't on, I like to _. Mark has announced a new server for DEFYclan; this new server will have _. Its only gay if you _. Responses: have sexual fantasies about server admins moan as loudly as I can and talk about how hot a gay relationship between Seven and Potato will be until all the randoms leave the server explain why the past tense of jizz is jazz said something about Krim's girlfriend/boyfriend big gay say that Magnifier is a closeted gay Flaccid Shell's gonorrhea niggers and normies a middle aged white man blasting "Jigaboo, jigaboo, where are you?" on a boombox in the ghetto while wearing a gorilla suit and calling himself Harambe Donald Trump's secret sex tape with Mike Pence the monster condom that I use for my Magnum dong historical reenactment of Pearl Harbor using Indonesian child sex slaves the dead black prostitute in my backyard lewded lolicon hentai rape them back (hopefully this isn't too bad for the event)
  4. RDMing

    Top 10 Questions Science still can't Answer
  5. die Einführung von Dark ☭

    No, I just felt like doing something different besides "Dark's Introduction"' or some cliche shit like that.
  6. Hello Defy, I'm Dark and I have come here to become a pain to all of the admins, and I will make sure everyone will hate me equally! <3 In all seriousness, I'm excited to see what this community has in store for me for as long as I play here. A little backstory of me: I used to be in a clan called NSG (Never Stop Gaming) that hosted a large jailbreak server in 2016 and up till October of 2017. Due to some complications and gay bois ruining things for us, NSG is no more (so yall admins reading this better put down those ban hammers). The former members of my clan have since been working on a new jailbreak server and a new clan, but I won't say anything else in case that is considered advertising . But for now, Defy seems like a cool place to hang out for now, and from what I have already seen, the staff here seem... interesting? Anyway, hope you all welcome me with open arms into this new experience for me! And I hope what Emo said about getting double credits for signing up was true, I have way to many hours on TTT anyway. P.S: I love the TTT server!