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  1. Dark

    Best Server Quote(s)?

    "Hey guys, what's up?" -Connor in Discord voice chat the day after he made both of his leaves of absences.
  2. Dark

    Best Server Quote(s)?

    "—Gurrrrr! I'm a dog!" -Dark, yesterday.
  3. Dark

    What in the hell?

    Also, the song Adrian's Alseep from Doom II is literally just Angry Chair by Alice in Chains. And on top of that they used Them Bones by Alice in Chains for Bye-Bye American Pie.
  4. Dark

    What in the hell?

    Sounds more like Master of Puppets, and I believe At Doom's Gate was based on this too.
  5. Dark

    TTT Chat Limit

    Then don't share your life story at the beginning of every round. You already talk too much as it is.
  6. Dark

    The Superior Season

    I prefer to be warm and toasty in the cold than to be cool and sweaty in the heat.
  7. Dark

    Greetings and Salutations

    Amazing life story. Welcome to DEFYcult.
  8. Dark

    TTT Chat Limit

  9. Dark

    [TTT] Suggestions

    Yes to the VIP gun limit. I hate how some people (I won't say names) spawn guns to deliberately lag the server, it's really annoying. And on the topic of the VIP gun menu, one of my recent gripes with TTT is how the weapon a VIP is holding gets deleted whenever they spawn in a new gun. I hate this. I always use dropped guns with used magazines as evidence to find traitors, and it usually helps in calling said person out, but it's kind of unfair when VIPs have an easy way to get rid of any evidence of killing people. Like say you hear and AWP shot that killed someone coming from a specific area and you find someone there, then when you question them for shooting, they magically have an AK in their hand with no evidence of any AWP on the ground or wherever despite audible evidence saying otherwise, forcing the accuser to only be able to hi-sus the likely T. What I think should be changed about this is instead of deleting your equipped gun when getting a new one from the menu, the equipped gun drops on the ground so VIP don't have that minor unfair advantage as T.
  10. @spicyravioli we got another NsG | KRYPTiC, get the bucket ready
  11. Dark

    Family matters to handle

    Wow, you really didn't have to post your personal info, that's kinda risky. But anyway, good luck out there fellow.
  12. Dark

    Favorite Cartoon?

    Spongle Rob Rectangle Dick and The Garfield Show
  13. Its shit, just like the rest of his discography, career, and personality.
  14. Dark

    TTT Add Ons

    1. This already is a feature. Every time you kill someone it shows you if they were innocent or traitor, but only to you. 2. The giant red T above their head should be enough. Plus you can't kill your T buddies anymore so you don't have to worry about that. 3. Don't really know what you're trying to say here but you should always follow all KOSes. You can never be to safe on TTT. If they are false, then there are admins for that. 4. If this isn't already a thing like Seven said, then this would be a really nice addition. But making it 100 TTT credits or more would balance it out. 5. Already a thing. 6. Already a thing.
  15. Dark

    Remove some maps

    The only problem I have with Bank is the lighting. If we could make a day version of that map, that would be one of my new favorites. I just hate not being able to see people outside the building.

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